May 2022


CSU Core Funding Under Governor's Budget and May Revision

Ongoing Funding (In Millions)

  Governor's Budget May Revision Change
General Funda $4,597 $5,064 $5,005 -$60
Tuition and feesb,c 3,163 3,163 3,163
Lottery 73 73 73
Totals $7,833 $8,300 $8,240 -$60
Change from prior year        
Amount   $467 $407  
Percent   6.0% 5.2%  
a Includes funding for pensions and retiree health benefits. The decrease in 2022-23 at May Revision is due to anticipated pension and retiree health care costs being revised downward. The May Revision makes no other changes to ongoing CSU funding.
b Includes funds used for financial aid.
c Amounts assume no changes to January enrollment estimates. Actual revenue is uncertain.