July 2022


Changes in California State University General Fund Spending

2022-23 (In Millions)

Ongoing Changes  
Core Operations  
Base augmentation (5 percent) $211
Resident undergraduate enrollment growth (2.8 percent)a 81
Pension cost increase 69
Retiree health benefit cost increase 34
Graduation Initiative $35
Foster youth programs 12
Student basic needs 10
AANHPI Student Achievement Program 8
Project Rebound 8
Capital Fellows and Sacramento Semester programs b
Other adjustments b
Subtotal ($468)
One-Time Initiatives  
Deferred maintenance, seismic mitigation, and energy efficiency projects $125
CSU Bakersfield Energy Innovation Center 83
San Diego State Brawley Center 80
CSU San Bernardino Palm Desert Center 79
CSU University Farms facilities and equipment 75
CSU Fullerton Engineering and Computer Science Innovation Hub 68
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Swanton Pacific Ranch 20
San Diego State East Park and bike path 6
San Jose State Moss Landing marine laboratory dock 3
CSU Channel Islands early childhood education center 2
CSU Sacramento child care center and artificial intelligence classroom 1
Science and Technology Policy Fellows program $10
CSU San Bernardino physician assistant program 10
Asian Bilingual Teacher Education Program Consortium 5
Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology 5
San Jose State Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center 5
CSU Fresno mobile health units 4
Cybersecurity Regional Alliances and Multistakeholder Partnerships Pilot 4
CSU Los Angeles CalKIDS Institute 3
Cal-Bridge program 3
CSU Fullerton Center for Healthy Neighborhoods 2
First Star foster youth cohorts 1
Law Enforcement Candidate Scholars' program 1
Carryover funds 1
Subtotal ($596)
Total Changes $1,065
Reflects an additional 9,434 full-time equivalent students over the 2021-22 level.
b Less than $500,000. 
AANHPI = Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander.