July 2022


University Capital Outlay Projects

State-Supported Projects (Dollars in Thousands)

    2022-23   All Years
Campus Project Name Phases State Costa   State Cost Total Costb
California State University
Systemwide Infrastructure improvements P,W,C $67,399   $67,399 $72,399c
Dominguez Hills Natural sciences and mathematics building renovation W 3,246   85,642 85,642
Long Beach Peterson Hall replacement building W 4,569   132,725 147,725
San Marcos New integrated sciences and engineering building P,W 4,786   55,916 58,174
Totals     $80,000   $341,682 $363,940
University of California
San Diego Central utility plant, Mandell Weiss Theater, and Shop improvements P,W,C $21,900   $21,900 $22,500
Totals     $21,900   $21,900 $22,500
a Reflects amount of university revenue bonds authorized to support projects. Annual debt service costs, which the universities will pay using their General Fund support, is estimated to be approximately $4 million at CSU and $1.2 million at UC.
b Campuses often contribute nonstate funding (such as reserves and philanthropic support) to their facility projects.
c Campuses are anticipated to contribute up to $5 million in campus reserves for this project.