July 2022

K-12 Education

New Workload and Funding for the California Department of Education (CDE)

2022-23 (Dollars In Thousands)

Workload Change Positions Amount Duration
Federal Funds      
Award contract to develop alternative coursework and performance tasks for students with disabilities who are eligible to meet state graduation requirements through alternate means. Final report due June 30, 2024. - $1,000 One-time
Develop parent-friendly resources on transitioning services for children with disabilities at age three, in consultation with the State Department of Developmental Services. - 700 One-time
Update warehouse management system for the Food Distribution Program.   575 One-time
Conduct federal program monitoring review of school English Learner programs, under federal English Language Acquisition State Grants. 2 332 Ongoing
Fund CCEE to convene experts to further refine individualized education program template designed by workgroup, pursuant to Chapter 6 of 2020 (SB 74, Mitchell). Final report due June 30, 2024. - 200 One-time
Increase funding for the Clearinghouse for Specialized Media and Technology Warehouse. - 106 Ongoing
Conduct continued funding eligibility assessments of Family Empowerment Centers, pursuant to Chapter 44 of 2021 (AB 130, Committee on Budget). - Variesa Ongoing
Non-Proposition 98 General Fund      
Fund general purpose IT and information security at the department, as well as IT for early education programs. 10 $5,767 Variesb
Increase technical assistance for Community Schools Partnership Grant Program, including funding annual formative assessments. 3 3,351 Variesc
Fund additional positions for the California Cradle-to-Career Data System. 9 1,702 Ongoing
Increase staffing to improve transitions, early intervention services, and early identification for children with disabilities prior to entering kindergarten. Provide educator training on early identification tool for learning disabilities. 8 1,125 Ongoing
Support increased workload in the School Fiscal Services Division related to program changes authorized in 2022-23 budget package. 8 1,069 Ongoing
Support increased workload related to the Inclusive Early Education Expansion Program. 7 1,028 Variesd
Support increased early learning workload in the Early Education and Fiscal and Administrative Services Divisions. 6 909 Ongoing
Increase staffing to revise California State Preschool Program policies. 6 891 Variese
Increase staffing to support expansion of Transitional Kindergarten authorized in 2021-22 budget package. 5 792 Ongoing
Reimburse state operations costs associated with Preschool Development Grant renewal. - 636 One-time
Fund legal costs associated with Kerri K., et al v. State of California lawsuit. - 500 One-time
Reimburse department for increased collection of nonpublic school certification fees. - 500 One-time
Increase staffing in the Early Education Division to develop data collecting procedures and support other workload associated with Chapter 498 of 2021 (AB 1363, Rivas). 3 458 Ongoing
Increase staffing in the Budget Management Office, which is responsible for managing the department's budget and overseeing grants and contracts. 3 383 Ongoing
Provide technical assistance for hiring and training literacy coaches and fund report on impact of coaches hired through the Literacy Coaches and Reading Specialists Grant Program, authorized in 2022-23 budget package. - 340 One-time
Support increased accounting and legal workload from new state and/or federal initiatives. 2 335 Ongoing
Fund the development and expansion of several statewide standardized assessments. 2 322 Ongoing
Fund Instructional Quality Commission to complete updates to the mathematics curriculum framework. - 300 One-time
Fund fiscal oversight services for county offices of education and single county school districts. - 250 Ongoing
Replace special fund revenue to fund two positions for the Office of School Transportation. 2 201 Ongoing
Purchase Zoom licenses for webinars and online meetings. - 167 Ongoing
Expand technical assistance for coordinating interagency services for foster youth. Pursuant to Chapter 815 of 2018 (AB 2083, Cooley). 1 161 Ongoing
Provide technical assistance for Supporting Inclusive Practices grants. 1 161 Ongoing
Increase staffing in the Multilingual Support Division to support implementation of the Dual Language Immersion Grant Program funded in 2021-22. 1 161 Ongoing
Increase staffing in the School Health and Safety Office to support initiatives for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students. 1 150 Ongoing
Increase staffing in the Audits and Investigations Division for fiscal monitoring of federal funds. 0.5 90 Ongoing
Reimburse state operations to partner with Fresno Unified School District on a privately funded grant to establish diverse principal pipeline. - 75 One-time
Total 80.5 $24,737  
a. Department will receive $10,000 for each center identified for assessment.
b. Of this funding, $4.1 million is available on a one-time basis, and $1.6 million is available ongoing.
c. Of this funding, $2.5 million and $350,000 are available on a one-time basis for annual formative assessments and a technical assistance contract, respectively.
d. Beginning in 2024-25, item will be reduced to four positions and $612,000 ongoing.
e. Beginning in 2024-25, item will be reduced to five positions and $769,000 ongoing.
CCEE= California Collaborative for Educational Excellence, SB = Senate Bill, AB = Assembly Bill, and IT = information technology.