July 2022

K-12 Education

One-Time K-12 Allocations Excluded From the State Appropriations Limit

In Millions

  2020-21 2021-22 2022-23 Basis for Exclusion
Proposition 98 General Fund        
Learning Recovery Emergency Block Grant $6,500 $1,436 State emergency
Zero-emission school bus grantsa 1,350 Capital outlay
School kitchen infrastructurea $120b 600 Capital outlay
Inclusive Early Education Expansion Programa 135 Capital outlay
   Subtotals $255 $8,450 $1,436  
Non-Proposition 98 General Fund        
School Facility Program $1,550c Capital outlay
Kindergarten and preschool facilities 590d Capital outlay
Lynwood high school rebuild 250 Capital outlay
   Subtotals $2,390  
      Totals $255 $10,840 $1,436  
Note: Amounts reflect appropriations approved in the 2022-23 budget plan except where noted. Ongoing programs excluded from the state appropriations limit—the Local Control Funding Formula, general obligation debt service for school facilities, and the Charter School Facility Grant Program—are not shown.    
a Amounts for this program reflect the excludable portion of a larger allocation.   
b Approved in 2021-22 budget plan.    
c Includes $250 million approved in the 2021-22 budget plan.   
Includes $490 million approved in the 2021-22 budget plan.