January 2023

Proposition 98 Overview

Governor's Budget Contains $6 Billion in Proposition 98 Spending Proposals

(In Millions)

K-12 Education  
LCFF growth and COLA (8.13 percent) $4,117
Transitional kindergarten expansiona 856
COLA for select categorical programs (8.13 percent)b 669
LCFF equity multiplier add-on 300
State Preschool for students with disabilities 64
Access to opioid overdose reversal medication 4
K-12 High Speed Network 4
California College Guidance Initiative 4
Preschool assessment tool 1
Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team 1
Subtotal ($6,018)
One Time  
Arts, Music, and Instructional Materials Discretionary Block Grant -$1,174
Literacy coaches and reading specialists 250
Arts and cultural enrichment 100
Charter School Facility Grant Program 30
CCEE adjustment for unspent prior-year funds -4
Testing consortium membership fee 1
Update to guidance for integrating digital learning and standards  0.1
Subtotal (-$798)
Total K-12 Education $5,221
California Community Colleges  
COLA for apportionments (8.13 percent) $653
COLA for select categorical programs (8.13 percent)c 92
Enrollment growth (0.5 percent) 29
Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team 0.2
Subtotal ($774)
One Time  
Student enrollment and retention strategies $200
Facilities maintenance and instructional equipment -213
Forestry/fire protection workforce training 14
Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team d
Subtotal ($1)
Total California Community Colleges $775
Total Spending Proposals $5,996
a Reflects additional LCFF costs associated with serving more students in transitional kindergarten, including costs of lower transitional kindergarten staffing ratios.
b Applies to the Foster Youth Program, American Indian Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Preschool, Child Nutrition, and K-12 mandates block grant.
c Applies to the Adult Education Program, apprenticeship programs, CalWORKs student services, campus child care support, Disabled Students Programs and Services, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, and mandates block grant.
d Reflects $75,000. 
LCFF = Local Control Funding Formula, COLA = Cost-of-living adjustment, and
CCEE = California Collaborative for Educational Excellence.