January 2023

K-12 Education

New Workload and Funding for the California Department of Education (CDE)

2023-24 Governor's January Budget (Dollars In Thousands)

Proposal Positions Amount Duration
Federal Funds      
Increase staff to monitor Educationally Related Mental Health Services. 2 $242 Ongoing
State Fundsa      
Increase staff to develop and implement data collection system for school-based State Preschool programs required by Chapter 901 of 2022 (AB 22, McCarty). 9 $5,934 Variesb
Fund a third-party vendor to pay State Preschool providers through direct deposit. 2,184 One-timec
Increase staff for additional teacher data reporting. 7 1,316 Ongoing
Establish Data Science Office. 8 1,232 Ongoing
Provide funds to develop a statewide literacy roadmap. 1,000 One-time
Increases staff to implement State Preschool expulsion and suspension policy required by Chapter 915 of 2022 (AB 2806, Rubio). 5 740 Ongoing
Provide support and training for the Classroom Assessments Scoring System. 3 645 Ongoing
Increase staff to support the development of an equity framework and screening tool required by Chapter 699 of 2022 (AB 2832, Rivas). 3 449 Variesd
Provide funding to develop and implement the State Migrant Education Extended School Year Program, as required by Chapter 483 of 2022. (AB 1777, Aguilar-Curry). 164 One-timee
Provide resources for the Home-to-School Transportation Program. 1 164 Ongoing
Pay state dues for Education Commission of the States. 160 Ongoing
Increase staff to support the Quality Rating and Improvement System. 1 152 Ongoing
Provide resources for the Schoolbus Driver Training Program. 1 138 Ongoing
Provide funding to develop evidence-based best practices for restorative justice practice on school campuses, as required by Chapter 914 of 2022 (AB 2598, Weber). 130 One-time
Support Instructional Quality Commission. 109 One-time
Fund infrastructure upgrades for new school buses used in the state bus driver training program. 100 One-time
Totals 40 $14,859  
Funded by Non-Proposition 98 General Fund.      
Of this funding, $5.9 million is available on a one-time basis, and $3.9 million is available ongoing.  
Of this funding, $2.2 million is available in 2023-24, and $3.3 million is available in 2024-25 and 2025-26.  
Of this funding, $449,000 is available in 2023-24 and 2024-25, and $164,000 is available ongoing.  
Of this funding, $164,000 is available in 2023-24 and $82,000 is available in 2024-25.