LAO 2001-02 Budget Analysis: Education Issue-By-Issue TOC Analysis of the 2004-05 Budget Bill
Education Issue-By-Issue Contents


Funding Per Student

Historical Perspective of Funding Per Student

Proposition 98

Proposition 98 Allocations

Enrollment Growth

Setting Education Priorities for 2001-02

Crosscutting Issues

K-14 Education Priorities Proposition 98

Proposition 98 Spending

Disadvantaged Schools Block Grant

Other Recommendations

Professional Development For K-12 Teachers

Standards-Based Reading and Mathematics Instruction

Cost Overestimated

Program Goal Can Be Achieved at Far Less Cost

Expansion of California Professional Development Institutes


A CPDI Progress Report

Reduce UC's Budget—Allow Districts to Choose Professional Development Providers

Expansion of Education Technology Professional Development Program

Shift Funding From CSU to SDE—Allow Districts to Choose Providers

Leveraging Existing Professional Development Resources Maximizes Districts' Opportunities

Pooling Existing Resources Could Enhance Program Quality

Improving Academic Preparation for Higher Education

Assessing Academic Preparation For Higher Education

Unpreparedness Is Persistent and Pervasive

Assess Preparation for College-Level Studies Earlier

Increasing Accountability in Precollegiate Education

All Public Segments Should Assess and Report on the Preparedness of All Entering Students

Segments Should Assess and Report on the Effectiveness of Their Precollegiate Services

State Should Offer Only One Precollegiate Funding Rate

Collaborative Academic Preparation Programs

Track Promising Collaborative Academic Preparation Initiative

Approve Expansion of DWS

The ASSIST Program Should Be Enhanced

K-12 Education

K-12 Education Introduction

Governor's Budget Proposals

Proposition 98 Spending by Major Program

One-Time Spending

K-12 Education Reforms

Enrollment Trends

K-12 Enrollment Growth to Slow Significantly

Divergent Trends in Elementary and High School Enrollment

Budget and Policy Implications

Special Education Settlement Agreement

Budget Issues

Discretionary Funding

Relatively Little Local Discretion Over New Spending

Background on Revenue Limits

Revenue Limit Equalization

The PERS Reduction

Longer Middle School Year

The Role of Time in Education—Research Findings

Instructional Time Alone Not the Answer

Using Existing Time Better

Alternative Academic Calendars

What Are the Problems the Administration Is Trying to Solve?

Longer School Year Proposal Not Best Solution

Results From Oxnard Longer School Year Pilot Inconclusive

Provide Struggling Schools With Expanded List of School Reform Options

Algebra Incentive Program

Shortage of Math Teachers

Governor's Budget Proposal

Concerns With Governor's Proposal

Legislative Analyst's Recommendation

School Accountability

The API Is a Work in Progress

Problems With the Stanford-9

Improving the API (insert)

How Does the Academic Performance Index Work? (insert)

State Academic Content Standards (insert)

Reduce Funding for Governor's Performance Awards

Inadequate Funding to Evaluate PSAA

Certificated Staff Performance Incentives Overfunded

Immediate Intervention/Underperforming Schools Program

Extra Federal Funds Available for II/USP

General Fund Appropriation for II/USP May Be Low


Assessment Reauthorization

Eliminate Primary Language Test Requirement

The HSEE Changes Would Create Savings

Should the State Release the Questions on the HSEE?

On-Line Assessments

The STAR and HSEE Workbooks

Consultant to Align State Tests to Academic Content Standards

K-12 Databases

California School Information Services

The Proposed Budget for CSIS

Current Status of CSIS Implementation

The CSIS Long-Run Budget Requirements

Potential CSIS Funding Expansion

Will Apportionment Rewrite Be Compatible With CSIS Design?

Department of Finance and Department of Information Technology Delay External Reports

Increase Funding for the SDE to Adequately Support the CSIS Program

The API Student-Level Database May Have Great Potential

The STAR Data Analysis

Education Technology

Proposed $20 Million for High-Tech Highs

Concerns With the Budget Proposal

After School Programs

Overview of Programs Available to K-12 Students After School

Governor's Budget Proposals for After School Programs

After School Learning and Safe Neighborhoods Partnerships Program

Student Academic Partnership Program

Academic Volunteer and Mentor Service Program

Child Care and Development

The Subsidized Child Care System

Administration's Review of Child Care Policies and Resources

The CalWORKs Child Care Program

CalWORKs Child Care Budget

Governor's Budget Does Not Fully Fund Stage 3 Set-Aside

General Fund Carryover

Increasing General Fund Carryover

Carryover Language Weakens Legislative Control

Other Issues

Child Care Data Collection

Kindergarten Readiness Pilot Program

Special Education

Background and Enrollment

Continued Compliance Reporting is Warranted

Further Equalize Special Education Funding Levels

Other Issues

School Bus Safety Mandate

Background on the School Bus Safety Mandate

Preliminary Review of Cost Claims Shows Irregularities

Legislative Options

Charter School Direct Funding Model

Higher Education

Higher Education Introduction

Major Budget Changes

Student Fees

Budget Issues


Update on Year-Round Instruction at UC and CSU

Key State Actions Promoting Summer Expansion

Budget Requests Additional "Summer" Funding

Additional Summer-Related Augmentations Should Be Based on Summer Enrollment Growth

University of California (6440)

Crosscutting and Intersegmental Issues Involving UC

The UC Should Increase Fees Charged Nonresident Students

The University Should Resume Raising Professional-School Fees

Proposal to Reduce Student/Faculty Ratio Not Justified

Graduate and Professional School Outreach Request Is Premature

Internet2 and the Digital California Project


Current Status of DCP Implementation

Concerns With the Budget Proposal

Research Related Issues

Funds Already Available for Graduate Research Assistant Positions

Direct Pierce's Disease Research Through Competitive Process

California State University (6610)

Crosscutting and Intersegmental Issues Involving CSU

Delete $10 Million for "Strategic" Academic Programs

California Community Colleges (6870)

Major Budget Changes

Proposition 98 Spending by Major Program

Part-Time Faculty Issues: Changing the Focus to Education Outputs

Proposed Funding for Part-Time Faculty Restricts District Flexibility in Meeting Local Needs

Increasing Part-Time Faculty Salaries Might Not Improve Student Outcomes

Office Hours Also Should Be a Matter for Local Negotiations

Districts Can Also Negotiate Benefits With Part-Time Faculty

Revisiting the 25 Percent "Cap" on Part-Time Faculty Staffing

Other Issues

Give Districts Flexibility With Proposed Financial Aid Administration Funds

Request to Expand Teacher and Reading Development Partnership Is Premature

Use $5 Million to Increase Access to "Impacted" Programs

Cañada College/San Francisco State Proposal Costs Are Absorbable

Chancellor's Office Seeks Funds Again for Existing Positions

Student Aid Commission (7980)

Major General Fund Budget Changes

The Cal Grant Program

The New Cal Grant Program

Update Needed on Cal Grant Cost Projections

Report Overdue on Teacher Preparation Financial Support