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Child Care, Expanded Learning, School Facilities, and Teachers
Sara Cortez
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Special Education, Preschool, and Child Nutrition
Kenneth Kapphahn
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Proposition 98, School District Budgets, School Transportation
Lisa Qing
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California State University, Student Financial Aid
Paul Steenhausen
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California Community Colleges
Ian Klein
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University of California; College of the Law, San Francisco; California State Library
Michael Alferes
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Local Control Funding Formula, Charter Schools, Alternative Schools, High School Career Technical Education
Edgar Cabral
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Deputy Legislative Analyst: K-12 Education
Jennifer Pacella
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Deputy Legislative Analyst: Higher Education



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Overcrowded School Facilities

December 5, 1983 - A statement to the Assembly Education Committee hearing on overcrowded school facilities. The information in this testimony includes: (1) recent funding history, (2) funding needs for school construction, and (3) the funding and revenue outlook for 1984-85.


Fiscal Effect of Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 4

December 2, 1983 - An overview of California's current system of school finance, description of the alternative system proposed by SCA 4 and summary of the measure's fiscal effect.


General Fund Condition

November 8, 1983 - Statement by the Legislative Analyst to the Special Committee on Community Colleges regarding the General Fund condition and what it's prospects are for next year.


An Overview of Community College Funding in California

October 26, 1983 - Statement to the Assembly Special Committee on Community Colleges responding to a series of concerns regarding community college finances including (1) levels of funding since 1977-78, (2) the current funding mechanism (SB 851), (3) 1983-84 funding levels, and (4) the $30 million course classification reduction of 1982-83.


Higher Education Tuition and Fees

October 20, 1983 - Statement to the Senate Education Committee on the need for a long-term policy toward University of California and California State University tuition and fees, the criteria that could be used in setting tuition and fees, and the process that should be followed in adjusting tuition and/or fees.


Remarks to the Conference Committee on SB 813

June 13, 1983 - Comparison of assembly and senate versions of SB 813 versus budget adopted by Conference Committee action to date as measured over Governor's proposed 1983-84 budget. Major difference between assembly and senate versions of SB 813 concerning:

  1. school apportionment COLAs,
  2. increase length of school day/year,
  3. Serrano equalization,
  4. minimum revenue guarantee,
  5. one-time funds (SB 1326),
  6. federal impact aid,
  7. special education—five year buyout of local General Fund contribution,
  8. instructional materials,
  9. minimum teacher salaries, and
  10. local revenue provisions.


An Overview of K-12 School Finance in California

February 24, 1983 - An overview of California school finance, including significant changes since Proposition 13 and the outlook for fiscal year 1983-84. The material is organized in the order of (1) total education funding, (2) general aid funding, (3) categorical aid funding, and (4) school facilities funding.


Community Education of Children Residing in State Hospitals

February 1, 1983 - The Departments of Developmental Services (DDS) and Mental Health (DMH) administer programs for developmentally and mentally disabled persons at 11 state hospitals. The State Department of Education (SDE) and local education agencies (county offices of education and school districts) are responsible for providing community-based education and related services to children with special needs.