Jackie Barocio
(916) 319-8333
Child Care, Expanded Learning, School Facilities, and Teachers
Sara Cortez
(916) 319-8348
Special Education, Preschool, and Child Nutrition
Kenneth Kapphahn
(916) 319-8339
Proposition 98, School District Budgets, School Transportation
Lisa Qing
(916) 319-8306
California State University, Student Financial Aid
Paul Steenhausen
(916) 319-8303
California Community Colleges
Ian Klein
(916) 319-8336
University of California; College of the Law, San Francisco; California State Library
Michael Alferes
(916) 319-8338
Local Control Funding Formula, Charter Schools, Alternative Schools, High School Career Technical Education
Edgar Cabral
(916) 319-8343
Deputy Legislative Analyst: K-12 Education
Jennifer Pacella
(916) 319-8332
Deputy Legislative Analyst: Higher Education



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Year-Round Options

February 1, 1990 - Year-Round Options: cost and benefits analysis should be conducted.


California Maritime Academy: Options for the Legislature

January 1, 1990 - The purpose of this review of the California Maritime Academy (CMA) is to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the academy and to determine whether alternative approaches for carrying out the academy's mission should be considered. This report contains four chapters. In the first chapter, we provide a brief history of the academy and a description of its program and operations. The second chapter consists of an analysis of the cost-effectiveness of the academy. Chapter III examines several alternatives to continuation of the current level of state support for the CMA. Finally, the last chapter contains our conclusions and a recommendation.


AB 1725 in Reform

February 1, 1989 - Community college Reform--AB 1725


Retirement System

February 1, 1989 - University of California: Retirement System


Research at CSU

February 1, 1988 - Research at CSU


Financing Community Colleges

February 1, 1987 - Financing Community Colleges


Higher Education Facilities Planning

February 1, 1987 - Higher Education Facilities Planning


Staffing Requirements of the Chancellor's Office California Community Colleges

December 1, 1986 - This report is submitted pursuant to Assembly Concurrent Resolution 169, Resolution Chapter 136 of 1986. Chapter I of this report offers a general overview of the Chancellor's Office, its duties and responsibilities, and its current organizational structure and staffing level. Chapter II presents an analysis of the resources needed to fulfill current mandates. Chapter III examines the resources needed to implement recommendations of the Master Plan Review Commission and the Legislature's Joint Committee. The final chapter summarizes our findings and recommendations.


Instructional Deans

February 1, 1986 - California State University: Instructional Deans


Nonresident Fees

February 1, 1986 - Policy on setting nonresident charge level should be changed.


Graduate Enrollments

February 1, 1986 - The University of California should reduce the number of foreign graduate students in engineering and computer science by enrolling more resident California students in these programs.


Faculty Salaries

February 1, 1986 - Faculty Salaries: incresase to achieve parity with comparable universities.


Teaching Hospitals

February 1, 1985 - University of California: Teaching Hospitals


Student Transfers

February 1, 1985 - Transfer centers can be effective in increasing the transfer of students between the community colleges and four-year colleges. Nevertheless, our analysis of the Governor's transfer center proposal has identified two problems with it. First, the tripartite approach would require a good deal of coordination. Second, project ASSIST appears to be overfunded and resources are requested for it in the wrong budgets.


Remarks to the California State University Executive Council

May 1, 1984 - Remarks to the California State University Executive Council, State University House, Los Angeles, California