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Legislative Analyst's Office Annual Report - Fiscal Year 1993-94

January 5, 1995 - The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) provides analysis and nonpartisan advice to the California Legislature on fiscal and policy issues, and has done so for over fifty years. The LAO enjoys a national reputation for its fiscal and programmatic expertise, and its high quality, nonpartisan analyses. The LAO is overseen by the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC), a 14-member bipartisan committee composed of an equal number of Assembly and Senate members. The office currently has a staff of 46 personnel-years - 36 analytical and 10 support, who serve as a nonpartisan staff respurce to all legislators.


LAO Annual Report Fiscal Year 1993-94

January 5, 1995 - LAO Annual Report Fiscal Year 1993-94


California Defense Conversion: Technology Reinvestment Project

December 27, 1994 - To help California compete for grants under President's initiative for Defense Reinvestment and Conversion, the state set aside over $50 million in matching funds and established the Defense Conversion Matching Grant Program.


Analysis of the 1989 Budget of the State Bar of California

April 1, 1994 - Analysis of the 1989 Budget of the State Bar of California


State Housing Program Issues for 1994-95

March 1, 1994 - Through its three housing agencies, the State of California operates 31 separate housing assistance programs. In this reprint from the Analysis of the 1994-95 Budget Bill, we examine whether these programs would be administered more efficiently by a single consolidated state housing agency.


State Employee Compensation Issues for 1994-95

March 1, 1994 - A major portion of state government expenditures is for compensation of state employees. Expenditures for state employee compensation (excluding higher education employees) will approach $10 billion in 1994-95. In this reprint from the Analysis of the 1994-95 Budget Bill, we discuss the employee compensation issues and options the Legislature should consider in enacting a Budget for 1994-95.


Analysis of the 1994-95 Budget Bill, Business and Labor Chapter

February 22, 1994 - Analysis of the 1994-95 Budget Bill, Business and Labor Chapter


Analysis of the 1994-95 Budget Bill, State Administration Chapter

February 22, 1994 - Analysis of the 1994-95 Budget Bill, State Administration Chapter


Creating A New Retirement Benefits Plan for Judges

February 8, 1994 - We recommend that the Legislature enact legislation to establish a new, actuarially sound, retirement program for judges taking office in the future in order to reduce long-run state costs for judges' retirement. The legislation should incorporate the retirement plan developed by the Select Committee on Judicial Retirement, with modifications to further reduce state costs, as detailed in this report.


Golden Handshake Legislation in 1993

August 20, 1993 - The Legislature is considering legislation that would enhance early retirement incentives, otherwise known as "golden handshakes." In this document, we review concepts, current law, and pending legislation regarding golden handshakes. If the Legislature concludes that additional golden handshake authority is needed, we believe the Legislature should consider the steps outlined below as ways to assure accomplishing its policy goals.


The State's Retirement Systems: Fiscal Issues for 1993-94

March 1, 1993 - In the November 1992 election, the voters approved Proposition 162—the California Pension Protection Act of 1992. This act may fundamentally alter relationships between retirement boards and the executive and legislative branches of these levels of government. There are many issues related to implementation of this act that will be of concern to the Legislature. Key issues include (1) how the Legislature can carry out oversight of the budget of the Public Employee's Retirement System and the State Teachers' Retirement System if those systems are free to spend funds without appropriations and (2) whether, or to what extent, these and other retirement boards are exempt from a wide range of provisions of state law and the State Constitution.


Report on Consumer Credit Finance Rates: Pursuant to Chapter 429, Statutes of 1988

May 14, 1991 - Chapter 479, Statutes of 1988 (SB 2592, Dills), eliminated, for a three-year trial period, the statutorily set limits on the finance rates that retailers may charge consumers on their retail credit accounts in California. The original rate limits were established by the so-called Unruh Act in 1959. Chapter 479 lifts the rate limits from January 1989 to January 1992, after which time these limits will go back into effect. It also requires the Legislative Analyst to report to the Legislature on consumer credit rates charged in California in 1989 and 1990, during the first two years of the deregulation period. Our report provides this required credit rate information, along with various other information that may assist the Legislature in interpreting the data and deciding whether to allow limits on consumer credit finance rates to go back into effect in 1992.


Proposition 103—One Year Later

February 21, 1990 - On November 8, 1988, California voters approved Proposition 103, which called for 20 percent rate rollbacks and ongoing regulation of the insurance industry. Our review of the past year's activities by the department suggests that considerable time will pass before the regulatory process has been fully developed and implemented. The department has proceeded slowly; thus, there are many elements of the regulatory approach that have not yet been developed and numerous issues remain to be resolved. In effect, while much activity has occurred over the past year, we are in essentially the same place as when the initiative passed.


Review of the Bank and Corporation Tax Exemption For International Banking Facilities

February 1, 1990 - Review of the Bank and Corporation Tax Exemption For International Banking Facilities


Federal Immigration Reform: An Update

February 1, 1989 - Federal Immigration Reform: An Update

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