After considering both the February and July budget packages (including the Governor’s line–item vetoes), the 2009–10 state spending plan includes total state budget expenditures of $110 billion from the General Fund and special funds. Spending from these funds in 2009–10 will be $20 billion—15 percent—less than it was in 2007–08. In addition, the budget assumes spending from bond funds of nearly $10 billion as the state continues to allocate moneys from the $43 billion bond package approved at the November 2006 election. While state expenditures decline in 2009–10, federal funds spending will increase dramatically. Federal stimulus funding provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is largely responsible for the increase in spending from federal funds—from $56 billion in 2007–08 to $77 billion in 2008–09 and an estimated $94 billion in 2009–10.