The 2010–11 state spending plan includes total budget expenditures of $117.4 billion from the General Fund and special funds. This consists of $86.6 billion from the General Fund and $30.9 billion from special funds. While this level of budgeted General Fund spending is far below the $103 billion recorded in 2007–08, it is $203 million—0.2 percent—higher than in 2009–10. Spending from special funds, however, is budgeted to be $7.5 billion—32.3 percent—higher than in 2010–11, driven mainly by recent changes in Medi–Cal and transportation funding that were enacted in part to offset costs in the General Fund. In addition, the budget assumes spending from bond funds of about $8 billion as the state continues to allocate moneys from the $43 billion bond package approved at the November 2006 election. The budget plan (including gubernatorial vetoes) includes the following actions: $7.8 billion of expenditure–related solutions; $5.4 billion of new federal funding; and $3.3 billion of revenue actions.