Description: During the recession, residential and commercial real estate values declined throughout California. As a result, many property owners received temporary property tax reductions as authorized by Proposition 8 (1978). In 2013-14, 3.2 million properties—about one-quarter of all properties in California—received a temporary property tax reduction. In total, temporary property tax reductions lowered local government property tax revenues by an estimated $7 billion in 2013-14, amounting to 15 percent of total property tax revenues statewide. However, real estate markets have recovered significantly over the past two years, and property tax payments for many of these property owners increased by as much as 20 percent in 2013-14. Going forward, we expect property tax payments for these owners to increase faster than 2 percent annually for several years. These increases likely will cause local property tax revenues to grow swiftly over the next several years as well.