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Assessing California’s Climate Policies—Transportation


[PDF] The 2022-23 Budget: Zero-Emission Vehicle Package

February 23, 2022 - This brief provides our assessment and recommendations on the Governor's proposed 2022-23 zero-emission vehicle package.


[PDF] Assessing California’s Climate Policies—Transportation

March 4, 2020 - Presented to: Senate Environmental Quality Committee Hon. Benjamin Allen, Chair and Senate Transportation Committee Hon. Jim Beall, Chair


[PDF] The 2023-24 Budget: Proposed Reauthorization of AB 8 Vehicle Fees

February 24, 2023 - In this brief, we analyze the Governor's proposal to extend certain vehicle fees (known as "AB 8" fees) that fund clean transportation activities that are scheduled to sunset at the end of 2023.


An Analysis of the Low-Emission Vehicle Tax Credit Program

June 21, 1996 - An Analysis of the Low-Emission Vehicle Tax Credit Program


[PDF] Assessing California’s Climate Policies—Implications for State Transportation Funding and Programs

December 13, 2023 - This report discusses how meeting the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals will affect existing fuel tax revenues and projects specific impacts on state transportation programs.


Summary of Major 2022 Climate and Energy Legislation

January 6, 2023 - This post provides an overview of newly enacted legislation addressing the state's greenhouse gas emissions and clean energy goals, energy sources, and oil and gas extraction policies.


Assessing California’s Climate Policies—An Overview

December 21, 2018 - Chapter 135 of 2017 (AB 398, E. Garcia) requires our office to annually report on the economic impacts and benefits of California’s statutory greenhouse gas (GHG) emission goals—statewide emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 and to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030. This report provides a conceptual overview of the potential economic effects of policies intended to help meet these goals—both positive and negative—as well as identifies some key issues for the Legislature to consider when designing and evaluating state climate policies. In a companion report, Assessing California’s Climate Policies—Transportation, we provide more detailed information and comments on the state’s major policies aimed at reducing emissions from the transportation sector.


[PDF] Initiative Statute: Provides Funding for Programs to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Increasing Tax on Personal Income Over $2 Million

May 31, 2022 - Presented to: Assembly Committee on Transportation Assembly Committee on Natural Resources Assembly Committee on Utilities and Energy