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Initiative Analyses

A.G. File No. 2020-004 November 4
Limiting government powers during a public health emergency.
This measure would prohibit the Governor and local governments from using emergency powers to respond to public health emergencies, such as redirecting state resources and issuing emergency orders.
A.G. File No. 2020-002 September 15
Local Government Control
This measure amends the California Constitution to require the Legislature fund certain local services.
A.G. File No. 2020-001 September 4
Statutory initiative that would establish a statewide vote to express the intent of California voters to seek independence from the United States of America.
This measure proposes a statewide vote on California seeking independence from the United States of America (Amendment #1).
A.G. File No. 2019-033 February 18
Child Custody and Juvenile Dependency
This measure authorizes individuals to seek jury trials in child custody hearings and juvenile dependency jurisdictional hearings.
A.G. File No. 2019-032 January 24
Funding for state and local air quality regulatory agencies.
This measure requires that certain state funds be shifted to local air districts if the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District and South Coast Air Quality Management District are not in attainment of the federal air quality standards for ozone by July 1, 2023.
A.G. File No. 2019-031 January 14
Gasoline and Diesel Powered Vehicle Manufacturing Ban
This measure intends to ban the sale of gasoline-only and diesel-only passenger vehicles and light trucks manufactured after 2020.
A.G. File No. 2019-030 January 3
Chronic Dialysis Clinics
This measure adds new state rules concerning chronic dialysis clinics (Amendment #1).
A.G. File No. 2019-029 January 3
Proposed Constitutional and Statutory Measure Related to Gaming
This measure (1) authorizes additional gaming activities at tribal casinos, (2) authorizes sports wagering at tribal casinos and horse race tracks, (3) imposes a sports wagering tax, and (4) authorizes a new civil enforcement tool for violations of certain state gaming laws. (Amendment #1)
A.G. File No. 2019-028 December 26
Disposal and Recycling of Single-Use Plastic Packaging and Foodware.
This measure establishes new requirements for the recycling and reduction of single-use plastic packaging and foodware with the intent of reducing the amount of plastic waste that is generated and that ends up in landfills or as litter. This measure also creates a new tax on all single-use plastic packaging and foodware sold in California (Amendment#1).
A.G. File No. 2019-027 December 26
This measure would make various changes to state law related to psilocybin, including removing certain criminal penalties and requiring regulation of its cultivation and sale (Amendment #1).
A.G. File No. 2019-026 December 18
App-based rideshare and delivery drivers.
This measure would make app-based drivers independent contractors (Amendment #1).
A.G. File No. 2019-025 December 13
Chronic Dialysis Clinics
This measure adds new state rules concerning chronic dialysis clinics, including requiring clinics to have a physician onsite during all treatment hours. (Amendment #1).
A.G. File No. 2019-024 December 4
The enforcement of and sentencing for certain criminal offenses.
This measure would classify a set of offenses as intervention predicates with specific requirements on how these cases are handled in the criminal justice system. (Amendment #1).
A.G. File No. 2019-022 December 2
Stem cell research.
This measure authorizes $5.5 billion in general obligation bonds for stem cell research and enacts various changes to the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (Amendment #1).
A.G. File No. 2019-021 December 2
Proposed statutory initiative related to consumer privacy.
This measure (1) modifies existing consumer data privacy laws, (2) establishes new consumer privacy rights, (3) changes existing penalties and uses of penalty revenues, and (4) creates a new state agency to monitor compliance and enforcement of the state’s consumer data privacy laws. (Amendment #1) (Version 3)