LAO 1998-99 Budget Analysis: Index by Department/Program Name
Analysis of the 1998-99 Budget Bill
Index by Department/Program Name

Index by Department Item Number

Aging,  Department of (4170)

Air Resources Board (3900)

Alcohol And Drug Programs,  Department of (4200)

Alcoholic Beverage Control (2100)

Augmentation for Employee Compensation (9800)

Board of Corrections (5430)

Board of Equalization (0860)

California State University (6610)

California State University--Capital Outlay (6610)

California Community Colleges--Capital Outlay (6870)

California Integrated Waste Management Board (3910)

California Community Colleges (6870)

California Conservation Corps (3340)

California Highway Patrol,  Department of (2720)

Commission on State Mandates (8885)

Consumer Affairs (1110-1600)

Control Section 3.60

Control Section 24.10

Controller,  State (0840)

Corrections,  Department of (5240)

Corrections,  Department of--Capital Outlay (5240)

Developmental Services,  Department of (4300)

Employment Development Department (5100)

Fair Political Practices Commission (8620)

Fair Employment and Housing (1700)

Finance,  Department of (8860)

Fish and Game,  Department of--Capital Outlay (3600)

Fish and Game, Department of (3600)

Food and Agriculture,  Department of (8570)

Forestry and Fire Protection,  Department of--Capital Outlay (3540)

Franchise Tax Board (1730)

General Services,  Department of--Capital Outlay (1760)

General Services,  Department of (1760)

Health Services, Department of (4260)

Health and Welfare Agency Data Center--Capital Outlay (4130)

Health and Welfare Agency Data Center (4130)

Health and Dental Benefits For Annuitants (9650)

Housing and Community Development (2240)

Industrial Relations,  Department of (8350)

Information Technology,  Department of (0505)

Interest Payments to The Federal Government (9625)

Judicial (0250)

Justice,  Department of--Capital Outlay (0820)

Justice,  Department of (0820)

K-12 Education (6110)

Lands Commission, State (3560)

Local Government Financing (9210)

Mental Health,  Department of (4440)

Mental Health,  Department of--Capital Outlay (4440)

Military Department--Capital Outlay (8940)

Motor Vehicles,  Department of (2740)

Office of Administrative Law (8910)

Office of Emergency Services--Capital Outlay (0690)

Office of Emergency Services (0690)

Office of Criminal Justice Planning (8100)

Parks and Recreation,  Department of--Capital Outlay (3790)

Parks and Recreation, Department of (3790)

Penalty Assessment Fund

Pesticide Regulation,  Department of (3930)

Rehabilitation,  Department of (5160)

Secretary of State (0890)

Social Services, Department of (5180)

Student Aid Commission (7980)

Tax Relief (9100)

Toxic Substances Control,  Department of (3960)

Trade and Commerce (2920)

Transportation,  Department of (2660)

Trial Court Funding (0450)

University of California--Capital Outlay (6440)

University of California (6440)

Veterans Affairs and Veterans' Homes of California,  Department of (8955-8965)

Water Resources Control Board, State (3940)

Youth Authority,  Department of--Capital Outlay (5460)

Youth Authority,  Department of (5460)

Youth and Adult Correctional Agency (0550)

Youthful Offender Parole Board (5450)