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The 2022-23 Budget: Vote by Mail Ballots: Prepaid Postage

May 13, 2022 - Chapter 120 of 2018 (AB 216, Gonzalez Fletcher) requires elections officials to include on the return envelope prepaid postage so that the voter does not pay for USPS to deliver the ballot to the elections official.

COVID-19 and the National Guard

Apr 8, 2020 - National Guard Authorized Under Title 32 in Response to COVID-19. On March  22, 2020, President Trump authorized the National Guard in California to serve under Title 32 of the U.S. Code in order to support the state ’s COVID-19 response efforts.

Key Differences Between Recent Medical Cannabis Laws and Proposition 64: A Preliminary Review

Dec 20, 2016 - Specifically, three state laws enacted in 2015 ( Chapter 688 [AB 243, Wood] , Chapter 689 [AB 266, Bonta] , and Chapter 719 [SB 643, McGuire] )—known collectively as the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA)—and more recent legislation ( Chapter 32 of 2016 [SB 837, Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review ]) provide a statutory framework to regulate medical cannabis.

The 2021-22 Spending Plan: Housing and Homelessness

Oct 29, 2021 - Chapter  27 of 2021 (AB  832, Chiu) extended existing eviction protections provided to tenants that owe rent due to a COVID-19-related hardship experienced through September 20, 2021 and provides additional protections through March  31, 2022 for households applying for emergency rental assistance.

The 2021-22 Budget: State Board of Equalization

Feb 23, 2021 - By 2019 ‑20, the vacancy rate had grown to 32  p ercent. The most recent data available (September 1, 202 0) i ndicate that BOE has 50.6  vacant positions —a vacancy rate of 26  p ercent. LAO Comments Vacancies Have Had Negative Effects.

The 2021-22 Spending Plan: Other Provisions

Sep 23, 2021 - However, the wage replacement rate increase under AB  908 was scheduled to expire December 31, 2021 and revert back to the pre-existing, lower wage replacement rates. The budget package extends the higher rates under AB  908 for two years, through January 1, 2023.

The 2020-21 Spending Plan — Other Provisions

Oct 7, 2020 - Specifically, Chapter  359 of 2020 (AB  3330, Calderon) increases fees and authorizes potential future fee increases for the Acupuncture Board, Board of Behavioral Sciences, and the Podiatric Medical Board.

The 2017-18 Budget: Department of General Services [Publication Details]

Feb 3, 2017 - The 2017-18 Budget: Department of General Services [Publication Details] The 2017-18 Budget: Department of General Services Format: Description: This analysis includes reviews of the following budget proposals for DGS in the Governor’s 2017-18 budget plan: State Project Infrastructure Funding in 2017-18 Sacramento Region: State Printing Plant Demolition Preliminary Plans Zero Emission Vehicle

The 2020-21 Spending Plan: Housing and Homelessness

Oct 8, 2020 - The Tenant, Homeowner, and Small Landlord Relief and Stabilization Act of 2020 (Chapter  37 of 2020 [AB  3088, Chiu]) took effect immediately following the expiration of the Judicial Council rules to provide protections against evictions and foreclosures .

Strengthening the CalSTRS Funding Plan

Mar 10, 2021 - PEPRA of 2013 (Chapter 296 of 2012 [AB 340, Furutani]) made changes to pension benefits structures for public employees, including teachers. As a result, CalSTRS’ benefits for members hired prior to when PEPRA took effect (January 1, 2013) are different from benefits for those hired after PEPRA took effect (January 1, 2013 and later).

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