May 2018

Higher Education

Summary of CCC Recommendations


May Revision Proposal

LAO Recommendation

Apportionment funding formula

Makes numerous changes to January proposal.

Modify. Adopt general framework as part of budget closeout but delay implementation until 2019‑20. Work out details of formula components in legislation this summer.

Categorical program consolidation

Consolidates funding for Student Success and Support Program, student equity plans, and Student Success for Basic Skills Students program into block grant.

Modify. Consider including other student support programs in block grant and revisit allocation method after making other related decisions.

Online community college

Makes numerous changes to January proposal.

Reject. Explore systemwide improvements to existing programs for working adults.

Enrollment growth

Makes no changes to 2017‑18 and maintains 2018‑19 January proposal to fund 1 percent growth.

Modify 2017‑18 Proposal. Reduce 2017‑18 funding by $25 million to reflect updated attendance data and redirect freed‑up funds to deferred maintenance or other one‑time priorities. Adopt 2018‑19 January proposal.

Deferred maintenance

Reduces amount by $132 million, bringing total to $144 million one time. (Down from $275 million in January.)

Adopt. Provide at least the amount proposed by the Governor. Consider increasing funding if other one‑time funding is freed up.

Financial aid technology

Provides $13.5 million one time and $5 million ongoing for campuses to upgrade financial aid processing and management systems.

Reject. State already provides campuses with funding for basic operating costs such as technology and software.

Apprenticeship programs

Increases one‑time funding by $5.9 million and ongoing funding by $4.8 million.

Reject One‑Time Funding and Modify Ongoing Funding. Add $9.4 million ongoing to accommodate projected 2018‑19 growth in apprenticeship instructional hours.

Student Success Completion Grants

Increases ongoing funding by additional $7.8 million.

Reject. Pursue a more holistic and straightforward approach to covering unmet living costs for financially needy students.

Open Education Resources

Provides $6 million one time.

Modify. Provide proposed funding but add an annual reporting requirement.

NextUp Program

Increases by $5 million ongoing to expand program to 10 additional colleges.

Modify. Adopt increase in funding but consider consolidating program with other student support programs and giving foster youth first call for funds.

Course Identification Numbering system

Provides $685,000 one time to CCC Academic Senate to support system.

Reject. Direct Department of Finance to develop funding plan that aligns desired improvements with an appropriate (ongoing) funding source.