May 2018

Higher Education

Summary of UC Recommendations


May Revision Proposal

LAO Recommendation

Conditions on 2017‑18 monies

Delays release of $50 million by a few weeks pending UC meeting remaining budget conditions.

Adopt. Legislature has interest in ensuring UC makes a good faith effort to meet all of the 2017‑18 budget conditions.

Enrollment growth

Shifts $8.5 million ongoing from UCOP to campuses (an additonal $6.5 million redirected from within campus budgets).

Adopt. Conforms with legislative direction to fund enrollment growth in 2018‑19.

Repercussions if tuition increase adopted

Reduces General Fund appropriation if UC increases tuition. Ties reduction to associated Cal Grant and Middle Class Scholarship cost increases.

Modify. Strengthen language to reduce General Fund dollar for dollar were tuition increased in excess of legislative agreement. Apply language prospectively.

Deferred maintenance

Provides $100 million one time.

Modify. Require UC to develop long‑term plan to eliminate backlog and improve maintenance practices.

Psychiatric residency programs

Provides $55 million one time.

Modify. If additional residency slots funded, allocate all funding competitively, use independent body to select grant recipients, add reporting requirement, and cap administrative allotment.

Anti‑bias training

Provides $1.2 million for a two‑year pilot program for training faculty, staff, and student leaders at UC and CSU.

Reject. Direct segments to report on anti‑hate training activities and use existing resources for such training.

Center for Global Conflict and Peace

Provides $1 million ongoing.

Reject. Unclear that existing research activities across the nation on global conflict are inadequate.

UCPath operations

Retains budget line item ($52.4 million), but authorizes UC to charge campuses for cost increases (up to $15.3 million).

Modify. Do not bifurcate budget between UCOP and campuses. Consider cost sharing agreement among state and nonstate funds. Vigilantly monitor cost increases over next few years.

Equal employment opportunity

Reappropriates one‑time funding provided in 2016‑17 and 2017‑18.

Adopt. Authorizes UC to spend remaining unspent monies.

UCOP = University of California Office of the President.