January 2019

K-12 Education

Proposition 51 Facilities Funding

As of December 11, 2018 (In Millions)

  Bond Authority Amount Apportioned Amount Committed Remaining Authority Applications Awaiting Review
New Construction $3,000 $410 $92 $2,498 $2,642
Modernization 3,000 373 66 2,561 1,930
Career Technical Education (CTE) 500 110 15 375
Charter Schools 500 70 423 8
   Total  $7,000 $962 $596 $5,442 $4,572
Notes: "Amount Committed" reflects projects approved by the State Allocation Board that are awaiting bond funds from the Treasurer. For approved charter school projects, certain requirements must be completed within five years to receive bond funds.
The Office of Public School Construction processes new construction and modernization applications by date received. It processes CTE and charter school applications through set application rounds.
Once the state has exhausted available bond authority, any applications still awaiting review are put on a wait list. These applications are reviewed once additional bond authority becomes available.
The Governor's budget proposes $1.5 billion in new Proposition 51 apportionments in 2019-20.