January 2019

K-12 Education

New Workload and Funding for the California Department of Education (CDE)

2019-20 Governor's Budget (In Thousands)

Workload Proposal Positions Funding Recommendation and Rationale
Federal Funds      
Review, approve, and provide technical assistance regarding district plans for providing behavioral restraints to students in danger of harming themselves or others. Pursuant to Chapter 998 of 2018 (AB 2657, Weber).

1 $138 Approve. Helps CDE implement recent legislation. Funding is ongoing.
State Fundsa      
Expand capacity for child care and preschool program implementation and monitoring. 12 1,669 Withhold recommendation. To date, administration has not submitted detailed budget documentation.

Provide technical assistance to districts identified as having poor outcomes for students with disabilities on either the new School Dashboard or under a revised federal formula for monitoring district compliance with special education law.

3 452 Withhold recommendation. To date, the administration has not provided sufficient documentation to evaluate the proposal.
Fund Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) to update content standards and curriculum frameworks for visual and performing arts and world languages. Also fund the development of a model curriculum in ethnic studies. Pursuant to Chapter 647 of 2016 (AB 2862, O'Donnell), Chapter 643 of 2016 (AB 2290, Santiago), and Chapter 327 of 2016 (AB 2016, Alejo).

-- 279 Approve. Helps IQC implement recent legislation. Funding is one time.
Support implementation of the Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program, which was made ongoing pursuant to Chapter 32 of 2018 (AB 1808, Committee on Budget).

2 275 Approve. Helps CDE implement recent legislation.
Make permanent two temporary positions used to support the development and implementation of state and federal accountability systems.

2 271 Approve. Helps CDE comply with state and federal law.
Provide technical assistance to county offices of education in developing and implementing local inter-agency plans for the care of foster youth. Pursuant to Chapter 815 of 2018 (AB 2083, Cooley).

1 142 Approve. Helps CDE implement recent legislation.
Provide one additional position to review the waivers districts submit when they experience a reduction in student attendance or loss of instructional days due to natural disasters or other emergencies.

1 105 Approve. The number of waiver requests submitted to CDE has grown notably in recent years.
Develop best practices for reviewing and approving school safety plans and post these on CDE's website. Pursuant to Chapter 806 of 2018 (AB 1747, Rodriguez).

-- 53 Approve. Helps CDE implement recent legislation. Funding is one time.
Total 22 $3,384  
a Funded by Non-Proposition 98 General Fund (ongoing), unless otherwise indicated.