January 2019

K-12 Education

2019-20 Changes in K-12 Proposition 98 Spending

(In Millions)

2018-19 Revised Spending $68,693
Technical Adjustments  
LCFF backfill (for ongoing costs covered with one-time funds in 2018-19) $475
Categorical programs (declining attendance) -19
Prior-year one-time spending -311
Other adjustments 58
Subtotal ($203)
COLA (3.46 percent) $41
2,959 full-day slots added in April 1, 2019 (annualize cost) 27
Non-LEA preschool (shift to non-Proposition 98 funding) -297
Subtotal ($-229)
K-12 Education  
LCFF COLA for districts and charter schools (3.46 percent) $2,027
Grants for schools with large concentrations of students with disabilitiesa 390
COLA for select categorical programs (3.46 percent)b 146
COLA for county offices of education 9
Standardized school district accounting system replacement (one time) 3
Subtotal ($2,575)
Total Changes $2,549
2019-20 Proposed Spending $71,242
a Budget appropriates a total of $577 million for this purpose, including $177 million in settle-up funds and $9 million in unspent prior-year funds.
b Applies to special education, child nutrition, mandates block grant, services for foster youth, adults in correctional facilities, and American Indian education.
LCFF = Local Control Funding Formula. COLA = cost-of-living adjustment. LEA = local education agency.