July 2022

Higher Education

Affordable Student Housing Planning Grant Awards

2022-23 Awards Specified in Chapter 54 (In Thousands)

District       Campus Award
Butte Butte College/CSU Chico $500
Merced Merced College/UC Merced 564
 Subtotal   ($1,064)
California Community Colleges  
Allan Hancock Allan Hancock $185
Antelope Valley Antelope Valley 200
Cabrillo Cabrillo 242
Cerritos Cerritos 225
Chabot‑Las Positas Chabot 155
Chabot‑Las Positas Las Positas 155
Contra Costa Contra Costa 180
Contra Costa Diablo Valley 180
Contra Costa Los Medanos 180
Copper Mountain Copper Mountain 70
El Camino El Camino 110
Feather River Feather River 349
Foothill‑De Anza De Anza 132
Foothill‑De Anza Foothill 132
Grossmont‑Cuyamaca Cuyamaca 155
Grossmont‑Cuyamaca Grossmont 155
Hartnell Hartnell 325
Kern Cerro Coso 314
Kern Porterville 314
Long Beach Long Beach City 120
Los Angeles East Los Angeles 110
Los Angeles Los Angeles City 110
Los Angeles Los Angeles Harbor 110
Los Angeles Los Angeles Mission 110
Los Angeles Los Angeles Pierce 110
Los Angeles Los Angeles Southwest 110
Los Angeles Los Angeles Trade Technical 110
Los Angeles Los Angeles Valley 110
Los Angeles West Los Angeles 110
Los Rios American River 110
Los Rios Cosumnes River 110
Los Rios Folsom Lake 110
Los Rios Sacramento City 110
Mendocino‑Lake Mendocino‑Lake 250
Merced Merced 145
MiraCosta MiraCosta 150
Mt. San Jacinto Mt. San Jacinto 155
North Orange County Cypress 150
Ohlonea Ohlone (Fremont) 290
Ohlonea Ohlone (Newark) 290
Palomar Palomar 820
Pasadena Area Pasadena 50
Peralta Alameda 110
Peralta Berkeley City 110
Peralta Laney 110
Peralta Merritt 110
Rancho Santiago Rancho Santiago 500
Rio Hondo Rio Hondo 522
Riverside Moreno Valley 540
Riverside Norco 590
Riverside Riverside City 470
San Bernardino Crafton Hills 845
San Bernardino San Bernardino Valley 845
San Diego San Diego City 344
San Jose‑Evergreen Evergreen Valley 235
San Jose‑Evergreen San Jose City 235
San Mateo San Mateo 200
Santa Barbara Santa Barbara City 150
Santa Monica Santa Monica City 110
Shasta Shasta‑Tehama‑Trinity Joint 155
Solano Solano 150
South Orange County Irvine Valley 323
South Orange County Saddleback 483
Southwesterna Southwestern (Chula Vista 861 Elmhurst Avenue) 148
Southwesterna Southwestern (Chula Vista) 60
Southwesterna Southwestern (National City) 290
Southwesterna Southwestern (Otay Mesa) 60
Southwesterna Southwestern (San Ysidro) 60
State Center Fresno City 449
State Center Madera 449
Ventura County Moorpark 250
Ventura County Oxnard 249
West Hills West Hills Coalinga 150
 Subtotal   ($16,910)
  Total   $17,974
a Chapter 54 awards one overall grant to the district. Project-level information is derived from the original applications submitted in October 2021 and the Department of Finance's letter submitted to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee in March 2022.