July 2022

Higher Education

Higher Education Spending Excluded From State Appropriations Limit

Reflects New General Fund Exclusions (In Millions)

  2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
Proposition 98      
CCC deferred maintenance projects $72 $298 $260
CCC COVID-19 Recovery Block Grant (emergency expenditures) 650
Kern CCD new California Renewable Energy Center 50
Riverside CCD Technical Trade Center land acquisition 33
Cerritos College new student services building 16
College of the Redwoods new allied health education center 10
Los Angeles Mission College new biotechnology facility 10
Chaffey College new academy training facility 4
Los Angeles Valley College new Valley Academic and Cultural Center 1
Taft College vocational center equipment 1
Subtotals ($72) ($1,073) ($260)
Non-Proposition 98      
Affordable student housing grant program $752
UC Los Angeles Institute for Immunology and Immunotherapy 200
CSU deferred maintenance, seismic mitigation, and energy efficiency projects 125
UC deferred maintenance, seismic mitigation, and energy efficiency projects 125
Hastings College of the Law McAllister Tower renovation project 90
CSU Bakersfield new Energy Innovation Center 83
UC Riverside and UC Merced campus expansion projects 83
UC Berkeley new Clean Energy Project 83
San Diego State Brawley Center expansion 80
CSU San Bernardino Palm Desert new student center 79
CSU University Farms facilities and equipment 75
CSU Fullerton new Engineering and Computer Science Innovation Hub 68
Local library infrastructure grants 50
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Swanton Pacific Ranch rebuilding 20
New Carnegie Science Climate Research Facility (OPR) 20
Holocaust Library renovations 3
Subtotals ($1,936)
Totals $72 $1,073 $2,196
Note: Figure excludes community college subventions, community college lease revenue debt service payments, and state general obligation debt service payments for UC, CSU, and CCC. Figure also excludes ongoing UC facility maintenance. All items shown in figure reflect qualified capital outlay expenditures, unless otherwise noted.
CCC = California Community Colleges. COVID-19 = coronavirus disease 2019. CCD = community college district. UC = University of California. CSU = California State University. OPR = Office of Planning and Research.