LAO Staff Contacts

Luke Koushmaro
(916) 319-8355
Capital Outlay Coordinator
Jared Sippel
(916) 319-8335
Department of General Services
Helen Kerstein
(916) 319-8364
Forestry and Fire Protection, Parks and Recreation, and Conservation Corps
Sara Cortez
(916) 319-8348
State Special Schools
Ian Klein
(916) 319-8336
University of California
Sonja Petek
(916) 319-8340
Water Infrastructure and Fish and Wildlife
Paul Steenhausen
(916) 319-8303
California Community Colleges
Jackie Barocio
(916) 319-8333
K-12 School Facilities
Anita Lee
(916) 319-8321
Judicial Branch
Frank Jimenez
(916) 319-8324
Food and Agriculture
Caitlin O'Neil
(916) 319-8351
Corrections and Rehabilitation
Will Owens
(916) 319-8341
State Hospitals
Lisa Qing
(916) 319-8306
California State University
Ryan Anderson
(916) 319-8308
Developmental Services

Types of State Infrastructure

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What types of infrastructure does the state support?

The state owns and operates a wide array of infrastructure related to areas such as transportation, education, natural resources, and criminal justice. Additionally, the state helps to support a variety of types of local infrastructure in these areas.


California Supports a Wide Range of State and Local Infrastructure


For more information, see our publication A Ten-Year Perspective: California Infrastructure Spending (PDF).  

How much funding does the state provide for state and local infrastructure?

Over the past 10 years, the state has spent about $100 billion on infrastructure. The majority of this spending has gone to local infrastructure. (Local governments and the federal government also support local infrastructure.)


Most State Funding for Infrastructure Pays for Local Infrastructure


For more information, see our publication Cal Facts 2018.