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California’s Cap-and-Trade Program: Frequently Asked Questions

October 24, 2023 - This post answers commonly asked questions about cap-and-trade—one of the state’s key programs to address greenhouse gas emissions—and the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.


The 2023-24 California Spending Plan: Resources and Environmental Protection

October 16, 2023 - The 2023‑24 budget package provides a total of $19.2 billion from various fund sources—the General Fund, bond funds, a number of special funds, and federal funds—for programs administered by the California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) and Environmental Protection Agency. This is a net decrease of $15.5 billion (45 percent) compared to 2022‑23 estimated levels. This change is primarily due to a large amount of one-time funding—mostly from the General Fund—provided to departments within both agencies in 2022‑23.


Promoting Electric Reliability; Recent State Actions

August 29, 2023 - Presented to: Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications


Leveraging Federal Climate Funding; Recent State Actions

August 29, 2023 - Presented to: Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies


Overview of California Ports

August 17, 2023 - Presented to: Assembly Select Committee on Ports and Goods Movement


New Infrastructure Legislation: Summary and Issues for Legislative Oversight

August 8, 2023 - The Legislature recently adopted a package of bills aimed at expediting infrastructure projects. In this post, we provide a summary of the key components of the bills that comprise this infrastructure package, including provisions related to legislative oversight. We conclude by identifying key issues for the Legislature to consider as it oversees the implementation of this legislation.


Governor’s Infrastructure Proposals: Issues for Legislative Consideration

June 8, 2023 - Presented to: Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water


The 2023-24 Budget: Improving Legislative Oversight of CalFire’s Emergency Fire Protection Budget

May 1, 2023 - In this brief, we discuss the design of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection's budget for emergency wildfire response, known as the Emergency Fund (E-Fund). We also provide recommendations for modifying the structure of the E-Fund to enhance legislative oversight and control over department expenditures, while preserving necessary budgetary flexibility.


Cap-and-Trade Spending Overview

March 30, 2023 - Presented to: Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee No. 2 on Resources, Environmental Protection and Energy


The 2023-24 Budget: Proposed Energy Policy Changes

March 10, 2023 - This brief considers the Governor’s proposals to (1) establish a new central procurement role for the state to secure energy resources, and (2) require electric utilities that experience energy deficiencies to make payments for state-operated emergency backup electricity resources.


The 2023-24 Budget: Cap-and-Trade Expenditure Plan and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Revenue Estimates

March 2, 2023 - This post summarizes the Cap-and-Trade Expenditure Plan and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund revenue estimates.


The 2023-24 Budget: Crafting Climate, Resources, and Environmental Budget Solutions (Presentation)

March 2, 2023 - Presented to: Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee No. 2 on Resources, Environmental Protection, and Energy


The 2023-24 Budget: Department of Water Resources

March 2, 2023 - This brief analyzes the Governor’s budget proposals for the Department of Water Resources related to flood management and ongoing implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.


The 2023-24 Budget: California Volunteers Proposed Program Expansions

March 1, 2023 - This brief reviews proposals to expand two California Volunteers programs: The Youth Jobs Corps and Climate Action Corps.


Overview of Climate, Resources, and Environmental Budget Proposals

March 1, 2023 - Presented to: Assembly Budget Subcommittee No. 3 on Climate Crisis, Resources, Energy, and Transportation

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