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Review of State Waste to Energy Programs

February 29, 1984 - Statement to the Senate Special Committee on Solid and Hazardous Waste February 29, 1984. As requested by the Committee, we have prepared this review of state programs that involve, in one way or another, the conversion of nonhazardous solid wastes to energy. This review consists of three sections. The first section deals with the conversion of biomass wastes to energy; the second section with the conversion of municipal solid waste (MSW) to energy; and the third section summarizes the role of state financing authorities and of tax incentives in promoting the conversion of wastes to energy.


Department of Health Services Toxic Substances Control Programs

December 14, 1983 - Statement to the Assembly Ways and Means Subcommittee No. 1 on Health and Welfare Oversight Hearing on the Department of Health Services Toxic Substances Control Programs. Comments on the September revisions to the objectives contained in the department's May 1983 work plan and the first-quarter progress report and (2) the department's compliance with requirements adopted in the Supplemental Report of the 1983 Budget Act.


Overview of the Major Issues Regarding the Use of Tax-Exempt Bonds in California

November 9, 1983 - Presentation to the 1983 Fall Conference of the Financial and Accounting Officers of the Association of California Water Agencies by Jon David Vasche, Senior Economist, Office of the Legislative Analyst, State of California.



November 9, 1983 - A Response to the Assembly Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees to questions regarding third-party cogeneration projects. (The joint production of electricity and useful thermal energy.) (1) What risk does the State take in entering into third-party cogeneration projects? (2) What problems might be encountered by the host institution? (3) What are the alternatives to third-party financing, and of these alternatives, what is the likelihood of their being implemented?


Financing Air Pollution Control

October 1, 1983 - This Report (1) describes the current funding system for state and local air pollution control activities in California, (2) evaluates the system on the basis of three criteria--consistency, efficiency, and stability, and (3) proposes an alternative financing system for legislative consideration.

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