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Pupil Assessment

February 1, 1992 - Pupil Assessment


CCC Transfer

February 1, 1992 - We recommend the enactment of legislation to establish a policy whereby the UC and the CSU would admit qualified freshmen but redirect a portion of them, on a voluntary basis, to enroll in specific community colleges, allowing annual state savings of approximately $25 million beginning in 1993-94.


Paperwork Reduction in Schools

January 21, 1992 - Paperwork Reduction in Schools


Sources and Uses of K-12 Education Funding Growth, 1982-83 Through 1991-92

August 21, 1991 - Over the past 10 years, total funding for K-12 education has increased significantly — growing from $12.7 billion in 1982-83 to $27 billion in 1991-92. After adjusting for inflation, the 1991 Budget Act results in a level of total funding per unit of average daily attendance (ADA) in 1991-92 that is 13 percent higher than the level of per-ADA funding in 1982-83, the year immediately prior to the enactment of SB 813 (the state’s major school funding and reform measure). In this issue paper we identify the major sources of this education funding growth and the specific uses to which school districts have put these funds, focusing on those program areas that have grown at higher-than-average rates.


Year-Round School Incentives

February 1, 1991 - Year-Round School Incentives


Proposition 98

February 1, 1991 - Proposition 98 provides K-12 schools and community colleges with a constitutionally guaranteed minimum level of funding in 1988-89 and thereafter. Under the provisions of this measure, funding requirements for K-14 education programs are determined using a series of complex calculations based on factors related to both workload-based needs and state revenue availability.


School Restructuring in California

February 1, 1991 - Concerns over current levels of educational achievement combined with perceived limitations of current reform strategies, have resulted in proposals for new approaches to schooling. These new approaches are known collectively as "school restructuring." In practice, the term "restructuring" has been used by various groups to advance different visions of reform. However, boiled down to its essential components, school restructuring involves decentralization of authority and increased collaborations at the local level, in conjunction with enhanced accountability.


K-12 Education

August 13, 1990 - This issue memo provides an overview of 1990-91 funding for K-12 education. It was prepared to assist the Legislature in reviewing the Governor's set-aside proposals during the balance of the legislative session.


Year-Round School Incentive Programs: An Evaluation

April 1, 1990 - This report is submitted pursuant to Chapter 886, Statutes of 1986 (SB 327, Leroy Greene). Chapter 886, the Greene-Hughes School Facilities Act of 1986, made numerous changes and additions to the state's school facilities aid program. One such provision established a financial incentive payment program for qualified school districts operating year-round schools because of overcrowding. This program was in addition to a separate year-round incentive program established in 1984-85 by Chapter 498, Statutes of 1983 (SB 813, Hart). Chapter 886 also requires the Legislative Analyst to report to the Legislature regarding the value of year-round education incentive funding pursuant to this act in reducing the need for school facility construction.


Early Intervention for School Success

February 21, 1990 - Early Intervention for School Success



February 21, 1990 - Desegregation


Capital Outlay for Postsecondary Education

February 21, 1990 - In this analysis, we assess for each segment of postsecondary education: (1) long-range enrollment plans, (2) the potential need for new campuses, and (3) how each segment's five-year capital outlay plan addresses needs associated with enrollment growth.


Work-Study Evaluations

February 1, 1990 - Progress Report on the California State Work-Study Program



February 1, 1990 - Given there is no current need for new CSU campuses by 2005-06, we recommend the Legislature request the CSU to redirect its staff efforts on new campus planning to specified other efforts related to the projection of enrollment growth and the implementation of educational equity goals.


Year-Round Options

February 1, 1990 - Year-Round Options: cost and benefits analysis should be conducted.

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