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Insurance Reform

February 1, 1989 - Insurance Reform


The Better Automotive Repair Program: Review of a Pilot Project

September 1, 1987 - This report was prepared pursuant to Chapter 815, Statutes of 1982 (as amended by Chapter 703,Statutes of 1985), which requires the Legislative Analyst to submit a report to the Legislature evaluating the program effectiveness and costs of the Better Automotive Repair Program. This program is a pilot project for the voluntary certification of automotive repair garages.


State Regulation of The Trucking Industry

February 1, 1987 - State Regulation of The Trucking Industry


An Analysis of California's Weights and Measures Programs

December 1, 1985 - Senate Concurrent Resolution 30 (Resolution Ch 117/83-McCorquodale), directs the Legislative Analyst to study and report to the Legislature on the activities of the county sealers and the CDFA in carrying out the state's weights and measures laws. This report was prepared in response to the directive contained in SCR 30.


An Analysis of California's Tax Credit for Solar-Powered Irrigation Pumping Systems

May 1, 1985 - Chapter 906, Statutes of 1980 (SB 1687), established a special state tax credit to encourage the installation of solar-powered irrigation pumping systems. This report has been prepared in response to the requirement set forth in Chapter 906. The report (1) describes solar-powered irrigation pumps; (2) summarizes existing state and federal tax provisions aimed at encouraging their installation; (3) analyzes the basic economics and cost-effectiveness of these systems, and (4) discusses both the costs to the state and the statewide benefits resulting from the tax credit.


Report of the Legislative Analyst for Fiscal Years 1982-83 and 1983-84

March 1, 1985 - This report summarizes the activities of the Legislative Analyst's office during fiscal years 1982-83 and 1983-84.


The California State Lottery--An Overview

February 1, 1985 - The California State Lottery--An Overview


Regulation of Financial Services

February 1, 1985 - Regulation of Financial Services


Santa Barbara County Annual Training Seminar



A.B. 780

February 1, 1984 - AB 780 is a bill that would increase the refundable deposit the sponsors of initiatives have to put down at the time they submit their initiatives to the Attorney General for a title.


The Feasibility of Establishing a State Travel Center

May 1, 1983 - The authority to approve business travel by a state employee generally is vested in the employee's department. Once the trip has been approved, the employee or a designated department staff member makes the arrangements for the employee's transportation and accommodation needs. This decentralized approach to state employee travel was questioned during legislative deliberations on the budget for 1982-83. As a result, the Legislature included in SB 1326--the budget companion bill--a provision requiring the Legislative Analyst's office to report on the transportation needs of state employees and the feasibility and desirability of establishing "travel centers" in the Department of General Services. In response to the requirement contained in SB 1326, we conducted a study of alternatives for arranging travel by state employees in a more cost-effective manner, including the use of travel centers.


A Review Of The Board Of Landscape Architects

March 1, 1983 - In order to fulfill our responsibilities under Chapter 375, we reviewed the board's report and evaluated the activities of the bureau staff by conducting on-site visits and interviews with licensees. We also met with members of the professional organizations subject to the provisions of the act. Our evaluation sought to develop answers to three questions: 1. How effective has the Board of Landscape Architects been in insuring a minimum level of competency for all persons calling themselves landscape architects? 2. How effective has the Board of Landscape Architects been in promoting and protecting the interests of consumers? 3. Is it necessary for the state to regulate this industry?


The 1983-84 Budget: Perspectives and Issues

February 1, 1983 - (219 Pages, 75 MB) For the third year in a row, the Legislature faces a budget that does not contain sufficient funds to maintain the existing level of services provided to the people of California. If the budget estimates turn out to be accurate, 1983-84 will be the first year since 1977-78 in which state revenues exceed state expenditures. Whether, in fact, these estimates do prove to be accurate will depend largely on three factors: (1) the performance of the state's economy; (2) policy decisions made by the Legislature, and (3) decisions handed down by the courts. Estimated expenditures in 1982-83 are $1.5 billion greater than estimated resources available in the current year. Thus, unless actions are taken by the Legislature prior to June 30, 1983, or the economy (and hence revenues) performs better than anticipated, the state will end 1983 with a deficit of approximately $1.6 billion.


Annual Report of the Legislative Analyst Fiscal Year 1981-82

January 1, 1983 - Annual Report of the Legislative Analyst Fiscal Year 1981-82