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Overview of the 1992-93 Governor's Budget

January 1, 1992 - This policy brief summarizes the current fiscal outlook and the major proposals in the Governor's budget plan. It provides an assessment of that plan and describes additional steps that need to be taken to arrive at a fiscally sound 1992-93 budget.


An Overview of the 1991-92 Governor’s Budget

January 23, 1991 - Underlying structural budget problems and the onset of a national recession have combined to pose extremely difficult challenges for the 1991-92 state budget. The budget plan for the current year, adopted last summer, is now expected to leave the state with a large deficit on June 30, 1991. In addition, projected revenues for 1991- 92 will fall far short of the level needed to both maintain current levels of services and restore the state’s reserve fund.


An Overview of the 1990-91 Governor's Budget

January 1, 1990 - In order to provide the Legislature with a perspecive on the state's budget dilemma for 1990-91, we have prepared this brief overview.


The 1989-90 Budget Dilemma: Initial Comments

January 17, 1989 - The 1989-90 Budget Dilemma: Initial Comments