Assignment Roster


Staff Assignment
Alamo, Chas Personal Income Tax, Employment, and Labor Law
Alferes, Michael Local Control Funding Formula, Charter Schools, Alternative Schools, High School Career Technical Education
Barkman, Sarah Administrative and Recruitment Coordinator
Belmonte, Karla Administrative Assistant
Bentz, Alex Property Taxes, Bonds, and the Economy
Brown, Ross Chief Deputy Legislative Analyst
Cabral, Edgar Deputy Legislative Analyst: K-12 Education
Chu, Carolyn Chief Deputy Legislative Analyst
Chu, Vu Publication Coordinator
Constantouros, Jason Medi-Cal/Managed Care/Family Health/Health Care Affordability and Workforce Development
Cortez, Sara Special Education, Preschool, and Child Nutrition
Ehlers, Rachel Deputy Legislative Analyst: Environment and Transportation
Greer, Michael Manager, Information Services
Hendren, Karina Medi-Cal/Long-Term Care/Developmental Services
Hollingshead, Ann State Budget and Federal Funding
Jimenez, Frank Highways and Roads, Recycling, Agriculture, and Toxics
Kapphahn, Kenneth Proposition 98, School District Budgets, School Transportation
Kerstein, Helen Forestry, Parks, and High Speed Rail
Kerstein, Seth Sales and Excise Taxes and Demographics
Klein, Ian University of California; College of the Law, San Francisco; California State Library
Koushmaro, Luke Mass Transportation, Traffic Enforcement, Statewide Planning and Infrastructure
Le, Linda Information Systems Analyst: Application Development
Lee, Anita Courts, Department of Justice, Gambling
Lockhart, Tamara Personnel and Accounting Specialist
Lucero, Anthony Production Supervisor
Metzker, Brian Privacy, Security, and Technology
Miller, Ryan Medi-Cal/Behavioral Health/Covered California/CalHHS Agency Issues
Mohammed Saeed, Mohammed Information Systems Analyst: Desktop and Systems Support
Navarre, Ginni Bella Deputy Legislative Analyst: Human Services and Governance
Newton, Mark Deputy Legislative Analyst: Health, Developmental Services, and Technology
O'Neil, Caitlin State Prisons, County Jails, Sentencing
Owens, Will Public Health/Behavioral Health/State Hospitals
Pacella, Jennifer Deputy Legislative Analyst: Higher Education
Petek, Gabriel Legislative Analyst
Petek, Sonja Water, Coastal Development, and Fish and Wildlife
Qing, Lisa California State University, Student Financial Aid
Russo, Sonia Schrager CalWORKs/CalFresh
Sammarcelli, Kelley Administrative Officer
Sanchez Zavala, Orlando Correctional Health Care, Rehabilitation Programs, Juvenile Justice, Community Corrections
Scanlon, Sarah Lead Administrative Assistant
Schroeder, Nick Public Employment, CalPERS, Elections, Veterans Affairs
Short, Angela Child Welfare, Child Support, Community Services and Development, Community Care Licensing, CalSTRS
Sippel, Jared Emergency Services and Business Regulation
Soderborg, Drew Deputy Legislative Analyst: Public Safety and Business Regulation
Steenhausen, Paul California Community Colleges
Sullivan, Claire Intern: Public Safety and Business Regulation
Trotter, Juwan In-Home Supportive Services/Aging Programs
Uhler, Brian Deputy Legislative Analyst: Economy, Taxes, and Labor