July 2019


California State University Capital Outlay Projects

(In Thousands)

    2019-20 All Years
Campus Project Phases State Costs State Costs Total Cost
Systemwide Infrastructure improvements Various $ 359,128 $ 359,128 $ 463,930
San Francisco Science replacement building P, W, C, E 101,196 101,196 150,028
Los Angeles Physical sciences building renovation C 10,840 100,146 128,701
San Bernardino College of Arts and Letters building renovation and addition P, W, C 97,863 103,863 111,000
Chico Butte Hall renovation P, W, C, E 80,195 80,195 89,846
Sonoma Stevenson Hall renovation and addition P, W, C,E 83,374 86,374 89,434
Dominguez Hills Innovation and Instruction replacement building W, C, E 51,530 51,530 83,530
Channel Islands Gateway Hall renovation and new instructional building P, W, C, E 65,178 65,178 71,131
Fullerton Visual Arts Complex renovation P, W, C, E 49,985 49,985 65,680
Northridge New Sierra Annex building P, W, C, E 44,809 44,809 49,959
San Diego Dramatic Arts building renovation and new theater building P, W, C 33,212 33,212 36,902
Maritime Academy Mayo Hall renovation and addition P, W, C, E 18,666 18,666 18,867
Totals     $995,976 $1,094,282 $1,359,008

Notes: In all but one case, CSU finances projects using university bonds and pays associated debt service using its main state General Fund appropriation. The associated debt service for all the 2019-20 projects listed is $70 million, as estimated by the Chancellor's Office. For the project at the Los Angeles campus, the 2019-20 cost is funded by state general obligation bonds. The remaining $89 million in state costs for the project are funded by university bonds. In most cases, CSU covers a portion of project costs using campus reserves.

P = preliminary plans. W = working drawings. C = construction. E = equipment.