July 2019


University of California Capital Outlay Projects

State-Supported Projects (In Thousands)

    2019-20   All Years
Campus Project Phases State Cost   State Cost Total Cost
Deferred Maintenance
Systemwide Pay-as-you-go projects C $143,536   $143,536 $143,536
Systemwide UC bond projects C 35,000   35,000 35,000
Totals     $178,536   $178,536 $178,536
New Construction
Santa Barbara New academic building C 79,787   79,787 97,133
Irvine New Student Wellness and Success Building C 13,000   13,000 69,606
Santa Cruz New Kresge College academic building C,E 47,200   53,000 53,000
ANR New buildings and renovations P,W,C 19,237   19,237 19,237
Riverside New medical school building  
Merced New medical school building  
Totals     $159,224   $165,024 $238,976
Riverside Pierce Hall C,E 13,000   13,000 22,747
Berkeley University Hall (seismic) C 6,050   6,050 17,475
Totals     $19,050   $19,050 $40,222
Grand Totals   $356,810   $362,610 $457,734
With the exception of $144 million one-time General Fund for deferred maintenance, all projects will be supported by UC bonds. Excluding the medical school projects at Riverside and Merced, the bond-supported projects were approved using the process established in Chapter 50 of 2013 (AB 94, Committee on Budget). The annual debt service on these bonds is estimated to be $15.5 million. UC pays this debt service using General Fund from its main appropriation.
The Riverside and Merced medical school projects are authorized in budget provisional language. This language expresses legislative intent that the state General Fund pay the projects' associated debt service. UC has not yet determined the scope, cost, schedule, and associated debt service of each project. UC is to submit these details once available.
Of the amount for the ANR project, $12.6 million is for new buildings at two sites and $6.6 million is for renovations at four sites.
At the Santa Cruz project, state funds supported the working drawings phase in 2018-19. All other previous phases for all projects were supported by nonstate funds.
P = preliminary plans. W = working drawings. C = construction. ANR = Agriculture and Natural Resources.