July 2019


Changes in University of California General Fund Spending

2019-20 (In Millions)

Changes in Ongoing Spending  
Compensation and other operational cost increases $119.8
New growth through 2020-21 (4,860 students, 2.6 percent) 49.9
Grants for physician residency programsa 40.0
Student food and housing initiatives 15.0
Additional growth in 2018-19 (1,000 students, 0.5 percent) 10.0
Student mental health services 5.3
Student rapid rehousing initiatives 3.5
Other operationsb 1.3
Subtotal $244.8
One-Time Initiatives  
Deferred maintenance $143.5
Extended education 15.0
Conservation genomics research 10.0
Charles R. Drew Universityc 7.5
Outreach to certain high schoolsd 6.0
UC/CSU Collaborative for Neurodiversity and Learning 6.0
Student financial aid during the summer 4.0
Firearm injury and death prevention training 3.9
UC San Francisco dyslexia center pilot 3.5
UC Los Angeles Ralph J. Bunch Center for African American Studies 3.5
Equal employment opportunity best practices 2.5
UC Los Angeles Latino Policy and Politics Initiative 2.5
UC Berkeley Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies Department 2.0
UC Davis Wildlife Health Center 2.0
UC Berkeley statewide redistricting database 1.9
UC Berkeley Labor Center 1.5
UC Berkeley School of Education Marcus Foster Doctoral Fellowship 1.2
UC Davis Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies 1.0
UC Berkeley Underground Scholars Initiative 0.3
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine (wild horse populations) 0.2
Subtotal $217.9
Total $462.7
a Replaces one-time funding provided in 2018-19.
b Backfills reduction in Proposition 56 funds previously used for UC operations.
c Of this amount, $5 million is designated for enrollment growth and student services and $2.5 million is designated for upgrades to academic facilities.
d For high schools having at least 75 percent of their students classified as low-income, English learner, and/or foster youth.