July 2019

Financial Aid

Changes in California Student Aid Commission Spending

2019-20 (In Millions)

  Action Amount
Changes in Ongoing Spending    
Cal Grant baseline adjustments Funds 5.4 percent projected increase in recipients and 0.8 percent projected increase in average award amount. $143.1
Cal Grant awards for student parents Increases nontuition award amounts for CCC, CSU, and UC Cal Grant recipients with dependent children. 96.6
Cal Grant competitive awards Increases number of new competitive awards authorized annually from 25,750 to 41,000. 41.8
Cal Grant B Service Incentive Grant Provides nontuition awards for up to 2,500 AB 540 students. Each recipient must perform 300 hours of community service. CSAC may use up to $1.5 million one time for program administration. 9.0
Other adjustments Funds caseload changes in Middle Class Scholarship and six other financial aid programs.a 2.2
State operations Funds two positions for institutional support, one position for executive office support, and one for implementation of student parent awards. 0.4
     Subtotal   ($293.1)
One-Time Initiatives    
Golden State Teacher Grants Provides $20,000 scholarships for up to 4,487 teacher preparation students who commit to working in specified subject areas and schools. CSAC may use up to 1.5 percent ($1.3 million) for program administration. $89.8
Child Savings Accounts Provides grants to local entities to support new and existing college savings initiatives for children. CSAC may use up to 2 percent ($500,000) for program administration. 25.0
Cal-SOAP Supports K-12 outreach activities, including the creation of a new outreach consortium in the Inland Empire. 10.0
Grant Delivery System modernization Funds second year of IT project to replace the system used to administer financial aid programs. 6.2
Other state operations Funds implementation of recent financial aid changes impacting student parents and foster youth. 0.4
     Subtotal   ($131.3)
Total   $424.5b
a Other programs consist of Assumption Program of Loans for Education, California Military Department GI Bill Awards, Chafee Foster Youth Program, John R. Justice Program, Law Enforcement Personnel Dependents Scholarships, and State Nursing Assumption Program of Loans for Education.
b These spending increases are offset by the removal of $8.6 million in prior-year one-time funds.
CCC = California Community Colleges. CSU = California State University. UC = University of California. Cal-SOAP = California Student Opportunity and Access Program. IT = information technology.