July 2019

Financial Aid

Need-Based Financial Aid Award Amounts

Maximum Annual Award for a Full-Time Undergraduate Student

Change from 2018-19
  Amount Percent
Tuition Awards        
Cal Grant A and B        
UC $12,570 $12,570
Nonprofit schools 9,084 9,084
WASC-accredited for-profit schools 8,056 8,056
CSU 5,742 5,742
Other for-profit schools 4,000 4,000
Cal Grant C        
Private schools 2,462 2,462
UC Grant 12,570 12,570
CSU State University Grant 5,742 5,742
UC Summer Financial Aid 5,028 $5,028 N/A
CSU Summer Financial Aid 2,871 2,871 N/A
CCC BOG Fee Waiver 1,380 1,380
Nontuition Awards        
Cal Grant A, Access        
UC, CSU, and CCC students with dependent children $6,000 $6,000 N/A
Cal Grant B, Access        
UC, CSU, and CCC students with dependent children $1,648 6,000 4,352 264.1%
All other students 1,648 1,648
Cal Grant B, Service Incentive Grant        
UC, CSU, CCC, and nonprofit school students 3,000 3,000 N/A
Cal Grant C, Book and Supply        
CCC students with dependent children 1,094 4,000 2,906 265.6
All other CCC students 1,094 1,094
Private school students 547 547
UC Grant 10,318 10,976 658 6.4
CCC Student Success Completion Grant 4,000 4,000
Figure shows need-based state and institutional aid programs supported with core funds (state General Fund and student tuition revenue).
See "Financial Aid Award Coverage" for a description of each type of award.
At UC, CSU, and CCC, tuition awards cover systemwide tuition and fees. Nontuition awards help cover other student fees, books and supplies, transportation, food, and housing.
The Cal Grant A and B tuition award for nonprofit schools in 2020-21 is conditioned on the nonprofit sector enrolling 2,000 students with an associate degree for transfer in 2019-20. If the sector fails to meet this target, its tuition award is scheduled to drop to $8,056.
The UC and CSU summer financial aid award amounts are calculated for a student enrolled in 12 units on a semester calendar in state-supported courses.
Students who receive the Cal Grant B Access Award also receive a supplemental award funded by the College Access Tax Credit. The size of the supplement is $24 in 2019-20.
The UC Grant covers both tuition and nontuition expenses after applying a student self-help expectation and counting all other financial aid. The nontuition portion in the table reflects the average cost of attendance of UC undergraduate students less systemwide tuition and fees and the self-help expectation. We use reported data for 2018-19. For 2019-20, we grow the average cost of attendance by 2 percent and assume no change in students' self-help expectation.
UC = University of California. WASC = Western Association of Schools and Colleges. CSU = California State University.         CCC = California Community Colleges. BOG = Board of Governors.