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March 22, 2019 – Report

Older Youth Access to Foster Care






Health and Human Services Staff

Mark Newton
(916) 319-8323
Deputy Legislative Analyst: Health, Developmental Services and IT
Ryan Woolsey
(916) 319-8356
Medi-Cal/Long-Term Care/Hospital Finance/Covered California
Ryan Anderson
(916) 319-8308
Jackie Barocio
(916) 319-8333
In-Home Supportive Services/Aging Programs/Child Support/Veterans Affairs
Ben Johnson
(916) 319-8336
Medi-Cal/Family Health/Health Planning and Development
Brian Metzker
(916) 319-8354
Information Technology
Sonja Petek
(916) 319-8340
Public Health/Developmental Services
Corey Hashida
(916) 319-8315
Behavioral Health/Medi-Cal/State Hospitals
Angela Short
(916) 319-8309
Teachers' Retirement Policy/ Child Welfare/ Community Care Licensing
Ginni Bella Navarre
(916) 319-8342
Deputy Legislative Analyst: Human Services and Governance