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Intercity and Commuter Rail Services in California

January 1, 1985 - This report reviews the implementation of Chapter 1183, Statutes of 1981, which authorizes the California Transportation Commission (CTC) to provide state subsidies to assist in the development and operation of intercity and commuter rail services in California.


Assessment of Weight Fees on Farm Vehicles in California

October 1, 1984 - The construction and maintenance of California's highway system is financed primarily with tax revenues from two sources: (l) federal and state taxes assessed on the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel, and (2) weight fees imposed on commercial vehicles weighing more than 2,000 pounds.


Financing the Movement of People in California

August 8, 1983 - NCSL Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, National Association of Legislative Fiscal Officers—Transportation Funding.


Alternative Public Transportation Funding For Los Angeles County

January 1, 1979 - Senate Resolution No. 46 (1978) directs the Legislative Analyst to study and recommend alternative means of providing increased funding for public transportation in Los Angeles County. The resolution requires that two specified alternatives be considered as part of the study: (1) a one percent increase in the motor vehicle in-lieu tax, and (2,) an increase in the motor vehicle fuel tax at a rate sufficient to raise between $30 million and $100 million.

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