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Funding of Transportation Programs

February 20, 2008 - Actions taken as part of the 2007-08 budget package significantly changed the way the state uses some of its transit funds. In particular, a portion of gasoline sales tax revenues will be diverted from transit programs to pay for certain transportation-related activities previously supported by the General Fund. We discuss the ongoing impact of such actions on funding for state transportation programs, as well as the ongoing funding constraint the state faces relative to the maintenance and rehabilitation of its transportation system.


Implementation of Proposition 1B

December 3, 2007 - Presented to the Senate Budget Subcommittee No. 4 on Transportation Hon. Mike Machado, Chair


Addressing the State’s Highway Maintenance and Rehabilitation Needs

August 22, 2007 - Presented to the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee


State Transit Assistance: Spillover and the Public Transportation Account

March 29, 2007 - Presented to Senate Budget Subcommittee No. 4 on Transportation


Public Transit Informational Hearing

March 28, 2007 - Presented to Assembly Budget Subcommittee No. 5 on Transportation.


Proposition 1B Implementation: Ensuring Project Delivery and Accountability

February 26, 2007 - Presented to Assembly Transportation Committee and Assembly Budget Subcommittee No. 5


Update on Real ID Act

February 21, 2007 - It is virtually impossible for California—or any other state—to implement the Real ID Act by the federal deadline of May 2008. Federal regulations for implementing the act are expected to be delayed until July or August of 2007 and there is no federal plan to fund the costly mandate. Nonetheless, the administration has indicated that it may request funding to implement Real ID as part of the spring revision process. Given the current lack of information regarding federal requirements and funding, as well as growing opposition to the act in other states, we recommend the state go slowly for now, and limit spending to planning activities.


Addressing Issues in the Traffic Congestion Relief Program

February 21, 2007 - Seven years into the Traffic Congestion Relief Program (TCRP), only 26 of the 141 projects have been completed. In addition, many project sponsors have yet to identify full funding for their TCRP projects. While development work continues on many projects, delayed state funds and cost increases continue to threaten project delivery. Nevertheless, we recommend actions that the Legislature can take to ensure that funds are used to deliver projects in a timely manner and to ensure that the California Transportation Commission has adequate flexibility in implementing the program.


Appropriating Proposition 1B Funds

February 21, 2007 - Proposition 1B authorizes about $20 billion in bond funds for transportation. The measure allocates specific amounts of bond funding for particular transportation uses, and requires that the funding be subject to legislative appropriation. The budget requests three-year appropriations of these funds and proposes budget bill language that would allow the administration to transfer appropriated funds among Proposition 1B programs. These proposals run counter to the bond measure’s intent that the Legislature appropriate specific amounts for particular transportation programs. Accordingly, we recommend that the Governor’s proposals be rejected.


Eliminating Spillover

February 21, 2007 - The passage of Proposition 42 rendered the "spillover" mechanism unnecessary. In order to simplify the state’s transportation funding structure, we recommend the enactment of legislation to eliminate the spillover mechanism for generating revenue into the Public Transportation Account (PTA) beginning in 2008-09. This would also reduce the volatility of revenues into the PTA. While eliminating the spillover would result in less funding for transit operations through the State Transit Assistance program in some years, it would increase the predictability and stability of annual funding. Moreover, additional funds could become available for broader transportation uses.


Analysis of the 2007-08 Budget Bill, Transportation Chapter

February 21, 2007 - Analysis of the 2007-08 Budget Bill, Transportation Chapter


California Travels: Financing Our Transportation

January 26, 2007 - What is being done to address California's transportation problems? How should the state ensure Proposition 1B funds effectively address congestion problems and provide mobility to facilitate the state’s growing economy? What other fund sources are available for transportation? How are these funds distributed? This graphically intensive publication seeks to answer these and other related questions.


An Overview: 2006-07 Governor's Budget Funding for Transportation Programs

March 30, 2006 - Presented to Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee No. 4


An Overview: Implementation of the Federal Real ID Act of 2005

February 24, 2006 - Presented to the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee No. 4


Real ID Act of 2005 Will Significantly Increase DMV Costs

February 23, 2006 - Requirements under the federal Real ID Act, which will become effective in mid-2008, underscore the necessity for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to success-fully update its aging computer and database infrastructure, as well as hire staff to handle additional workload. We recommend that DMV report at budget hearings on anticipated workload requirements to implement the act, how the department plans to meet these requirements, and the potential costs related to the act’s implementation.

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