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State and Local Agencies' Use of Housing Revenue Bonds

February 1, 1991 - State and Local Agencies' Use of Housing Revenue Bonds


Year-Round School Incentives

February 1, 1991 - Year-Round School Incentives


Proposition 98

February 1, 1991 - Proposition 98 provides K-12 schools and community colleges with a constitutionally guaranteed minimum level of funding in 1988-89 and thereafter. Under the provisions of this measure, funding requirements for K-14 education programs are determined using a series of complex calculations based on factors related to both workload-based needs and state revenue availability.


School Restructuring in California

February 1, 1991 - Concerns over current levels of educational achievement combined with perceived limitations of current reform strategies, have resulted in proposals for new approaches to schooling. These new approaches are known collectively as "school restructuring." In practice, the term "restructuring" has been used by various groups to advance different visions of reform. However, boiled down to its essential components, school restructuring involves decentralization of authority and increased collaborations at the local level, in conjunction with enhanced accountability.


Strategies for Addressing The State's Budgetary Imbalance

February 1, 1991 - Strategies for Addressing The State's Budgetary Imbalance


California's Economic and Demographic Environment

February 1, 1991 - California's Economic and Demographic Environment


Community Corrections

February 1, 1991 - Expenditures to support the state's growing prison and parole populations continue to increase at a rapid rate. In addition, the state currently has a limited range of punishment options for many criminal offenders. One potential way to address this growing population in a more effective way is through "community corrections" programs. This approach involves the use of intermediate sanctions as an alternative to state prisons.


State Infrastructure

February 1, 1991 - In this analysis, we examine some of the major infrastructure- related problems facing the Legislature. These include: (1) identifying the state's infrastructure needs; (2) setting priorities to meet these needs; (3) assessing the state's ability to finance additional bonded indebtedness needed for infrastructure; and (4) establishing a financing plan to carry out the Legislature's priorities, including the extent and timing of future bond measure submittals to the voters.


Uses of State Bond Proceeds

February 1, 1991 - The state is faced with a large and growing need to revitalize and expand its infrastructure. As discussed in the preceding analysis, doing this requires that it rely on bonds as a financing source. As the state continues to increase its use of bonds for capital projects, it becomes even more important that the bond funds be used in ways that maximize their effectiveness in achieving the state's capital outlay goals.


An Overview of the 1991-92 Governor’s Budget

January 23, 1991 - Underlying structural budget problems and the onset of a national recession have combined to pose extremely difficult challenges for the 1991-92 state budget. The budget plan for the current year, adopted last summer, is now expected to leave the state with a large deficit on June 30, 1991. In addition, projected revenues for 1991- 92 will fall far short of the level needed to both maintain current levels of services and restore the state’s reserve fund.


Child Abuse and Neglect in California: A Review of the Child Welfare Service Program

January 1, 1991 - The purpose of this report is to evaluate the extent to which the Child Welfare Services Program has been able to achieve the goals established by Chapter 978. Chapter I examines the growth in the program's caseload and costs since 1982. Chapter II evaluates how successful the program has been at identifying and serving abused and neglected children since 1982. Chapter III assesses the extent to which the availability of staff and services affect the program's performance. Finally, Chapter IV summarizes options for the Legislature to improve the performance of the program.


The State's Budget Problem

December 1, 1990 - The purpose of this policy brief is to outline for the Legislature the nature, magnitude, and causes of the budget problem. In addition, we offer some general strategies for dealing with the budgetary gap. While the exact extent of the current and budget-year shortfalls cannot be determined at this time, we can identify the general magnitude of the problem to assist the Legislature as it begins its fiscal deliberations.


K-12 Education

August 13, 1990 - This issue memo provides an overview of 1990-91 funding for K-12 education. It was prepared to assist the Legislature in reviewing the Governor's set-aside proposals during the balance of the legislative session.


State Spending Plan for 1990-91: The 1990 Budget Act and Related Legislation

August 1, 1990 - This report summarizes the fiscal effect of the 1990 Budget Act (Chapter 467 -SB 899) including the effects of major legislation accompanying the budget which is part of the overall state spending plan for 1990-91. The report begins by recounting the history of this year's budget crisis, and describing how it was resolved. It then highlights the funding levels that were ultimately approved for the state's major programs in 1990-91. Finally, this report discusses projected state revenues for 1990-91, including the key assumptions underlying the projections and revisions that have been made to them since the Governor's Budget was introduced in January.


The 1990-91 Senate Budget Bill AB 2660 (Vasconcellos) As Amended in Senate July 10, 1990

July 12, 1990 - The 1990-91 Senate Budget Bill AB 2660 (Vasconcellos) As Amended in Senate July 10, 1990