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State Spending Plan for 1990-91: The 1990 Budget Act and Related Legislation

August 1, 1990 - This report summarizes the fiscal effect of the 1990 Budget Act (Chapter 467 -SB 899) including the effects of major legislation accompanying the budget which is part of the overall state spending plan for 1990-91. The report begins by recounting the history of this year's budget crisis, and describing how it was resolved. It then highlights the funding levels that were ultimately approved for the state's major programs in 1990-91. Finally, this report discusses projected state revenues for 1990-91, including the key assumptions underlying the projections and revisions that have been made to them since the Governor's Budget was introduced in January.


The 1990-91 Senate Budget Bill AB 2660 (Vasconcellos) As Amended in Senate July 10, 1990

July 12, 1990 - The 1990-91 Senate Budget Bill AB 2660 (Vasconcellos) As Amended in Senate July 10, 1990


Supplemental Report of the 1990 Budget Act

July 1, 1990 - Supplemental Report of the 1990 Budget Act


Revenue Options for the 1990-91 Budget

June 6, 1990 - This document provides a review of 14 revenue options that could be put into effect for the 1990-91 fiscal year. It was prepared at the request of the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, in order to assist the Committee's review of its fiscal choices for the 1990-91 Budget.


California's Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

May 1, 1990 - In 1989 the Legislature enacted legislation (58 726, L. Greene) to continue the state low-income housing tax credit program as long as a related federal program exists. That legislation also requires the Legislative Analyst's Office to evaluate the effectiveness of this program. This policy brief provides the evaluation, and makes recommendations for changes to improve the program's effectiveness.


Year-Round School Incentive Programs: An Evaluation

April 1, 1990 - This report is submitted pursuant to Chapter 886, Statutes of 1986 (SB 327, Leroy Greene). Chapter 886, the Greene-Hughes School Facilities Act of 1986, made numerous changes and additions to the state's school facilities aid program. One such provision established a financial incentive payment program for qualified school districts operating year-round schools because of overcrowding. This program was in addition to a separate year-round incentive program established in 1984-85 by Chapter 498, Statutes of 1983 (SB 813, Hart). Chapter 886 also requires the Legislative Analyst to report to the Legislature regarding the value of year-round education incentive funding pursuant to this act in reducing the need for school facility construction.


A Review of the Governor's Housing Initiative

March 1, 1990 - In January 1990, the Governor announced a $2 billion home loan initiative to increase home ownership opportunities for first-time homebuyers. In March, two legislative measures were introduced to establish part of the program. In the following analysis we describe the Governor’s proposal, identify the likely beneficiaries, discuss its fiscal effects, and identify the policy choices which this proposal presents to the Legislature.


Analysis of the 1990-91 Budget Bill: Summary of Findings and Recommendations

February 21, 1990 - In the Analysis of the 1990-91 Budget Bill, we report the results of our detailed examination of the Governor's departmental spending proposals for the coming fiscal year. By contrast, The 1990-91 Budget: Perspectives and Issues provides an overall perspective on the state's revenues and expenditures for the budget year. It also looks to the future in an effort to focus on some of the challenges facing California in the years ahead. This document summarizes, by program area, the principal findings and recommendations set forth in the Analysis and the Perspectives and Issues. It also shows how approval of these recommendations would affect the state's fiscal condition.


State Programs Serving Older Californians

February 21, 1990 - State Programs Serving Older Californians


Variation in County Fiscal Capacity

February 21, 1990 - In this piece, we examine county fiscal capacity—the ability of counties to respond to these needs. First, we describe the county-state relationship and discuss our framework for identifying variations in county fiscal capacity. Second, we provide our findings regarding the fiscal capacity of counties, and discuss some of the counties which rate below average in this regard. Third, we identify the primary factors that contribute to low fiscal capacity. Finally, we offer several alternatives that the Legislature may wish to use to improve the fiscal capacity of California's counties.


State and Local Agencies' Use of Housing Revenue Bonds

February 21, 1990 - State and Local Agencies' Use of Housing Revenue Bonds


Health Care in Rural California

February 21, 1990 - In this report, we examine health care services in rural areas within the state. Specifically, we (1) review the characteristics of rural areas and health care services in these areas, (2) discuss current state programs, (3) highlight specific problems we identified within the existing services, and (4) suggest ways the Legislature could improve the provision of health care services to rural areas.


Long-Term Health Care

February 21, 1990 - One of the Legislature's challenges over the next decade is to promote adequate access to nursing facility beds for the state's population. Our review suggests that it is possible that there will be a disparity between the need for nursing facility services and the growth of bed supply over the next decade. Furthermore, the current Medi-Cal reimbursement system may be (1) contributing to low supply growth, (2) causing access problems to nursing facility beds for Medi-Cal clients, and (3) providing incentives that encourage expansion of facilities that are more costly to operate.


State Oil Spill Preparedness and Response

February 21, 1990 - In this analysis, we review the history of major offshore oil spills near California and the efforts to ensure a reasonable level of safety and environmental protection in this area. We then contrast this with the current system to handle smaller, mostly onshore oil spills in the state. Finally, we present some alternatives to consider in attempting to improve this system.


Air Quality Improvement: An Alternative Strategy

February 21, 1990 - In this analysis we review command and control regulatory policies (CCR), examine the deficiencies of CCR policies, present an overview of incentives-based regulation (IBR) and discuss specific IBR policies.