July 2020


Changes in University of California General Fund Spending

2020-21 (In Millions)

    Enacted Contingencya Difference
Ongoing Core Operations  
Campus operations Without trigger funds, reflects a 7.7 percent reduction in General Fund support (around 3 percent reduction in core funds). If trigger funds received, base cut is rescinded and 5 percent General Fund aumentation is provided (aorund 2 percent core funds augmentation). -$259.2 $169.2 $428.4
Central services Without trigger funds, reflects a 12.7 percent reduction to UC Office of the President, UCPath, and the Agriculture and Natural Resources division. Reduction is rescinded if trigger funds received. -43.2 43.2
Subtotal   (-$302.4) ($169.2) ($471.6)
Other Ongoing Programs  
UC Riverside medical school Supports plan to grow the number of annual incoming students from 80 students in 2019-20 to 125 students by 2024-25. $25.0 $25.0
Fresno off-campus center Supports enrollment growth at the center and establishment of a new joint UC Merced/UCSF Fresno medical education program. 15.0 15.0
Graduate medical education Offsets reduction in estimated Proposition 56 funds for physician residency program grants, maintaining total ongoing funding at $40 million. 3.1 3.1
Legal services for undocumented students Intended to sustain existing level of services by backfilling one-time state funding provided in 2018-19. 0.3 0.3
Subtotal   ($43.4) ($43.4) (—)
One-Time Initiativesb  
Graduate medical education Offsets shortfall in budgeted Proposition 56 funds for physician residency program grants in 2019-20. $0.7 $0.7
Prior-year funds Removes prior-year, one-time funds. -214.0 -214.0
Subtotal   (-$213.3) (-$213.3)
Total 2020-21 Changes -$472.4 -$0.7 $471.6
a Section 8.28 of the 2020-21 Budget Act provides additional funding to UC under certain conditions. Amounts shown reflect the maximum UC might receive. If the state receives at least $14 billion in additional federal relief funding by October 15, 2020, $472 million of this funding is allocated to UC. If the state receives more than $2 billion but less than $14 billion, the additional amount provided to UC is proportionally reduced. The additional federal funding is intended to support ongoing General Fund purposes on a one-time basis.  
b The budget also allows the Director of Finance to provide $5 million one-time General Fund to the UC Davis Koret Center for animal shelter grants and outreach. The Director can provide the funds if the center is unable to raise adequate philanthropy to support the program by April 1, 2021. In addition, the budget provides $6 million one-time federal relief funding to the UC Subject Matter Projects to mitigate learning loss in mathematics, science, English, and language arts.