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February 3, 2010 – Handout

Governor's Automated Speed Enforcement Proposal






January 20, 2010 – Handout

Out-of-State Correctional Facility Program



October 28, 2009 – Handout

Fiscal Impact of Legalizing Marijuana


October 28, 2009 – Handout

Overview of Judicial Branch Budget and Operations





Criminal Justice Staff

Anita Lee
(916) 319-8321
Courts, Department of Justice, Victims, Gambling
Caitlin O'Neil
(916) 319-8351
State Prisons, County Jails, Sentencing
Luke Koushmaro
(916) 319-8355
Correctional Health Care, Rehabilitation Programs, Juvenile Justice, Community Corrections
Drew Soderborg
(916) 319-8346
Deputy Legislative Analyst: Public Safety and Business Regulation