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AB1844: Fiscal Analysis [Publication Details]

May 12, 2010 - AB1844: Fiscal Analysis [Publication Details] PDF Description: We were requested by a Member of the Legislature to do a fiscal analysis of AB 1844, as amended on April 28, 2010. As is our standard practice, we also shared our response with the author of the bill, Assembly Member Nathan Fletcher.

California's Correctional Situation [Publication Details]

Dec 4, 1995 - California's Correctional Situation [Publication Details] Description: Presented To Conference Committee on SB 760 (Lockyer) And AB 126 (Rainey) - Senator Bill Lockyer, Chair Reports by Policy Area

The 2019-20 Budget: California Spending Plan—Judiciary and Criminal Justice

Oct 17, 2019 - The budget includes $4.4  million from the Gambling Control Fund for two years to continue 32 existing positions intended to reduce the backlog of licensing applications from cardrooms and third-party providers.

Status Check: The "Three Strikes and You're Out" Law - A Preliminary Assessment [Publication Details]

Jan 6, 1995 - Status Check: The "Three Strikes and You're Out" Law - A Preliminary Assessment [Publication Details] Status Check: The "Three Strikes and You're Out" Law - A Preliminary Assessment Format: PDF Description: On March 7, 1994, Governor Wilson signed into law AB 971 (Ch 12194, Jones)-referred to as the ''Three Strikes and You're Out" criminal sentencing measure.

The 2019-20 Budget: Analysis of Governor's Criminal Justice Proposals

Feb 19, 2019 - After the department is able to demonstrate that the proposal would result in savings as described above, we would recommend that the Legislature approve the requested $ 32  m illion for vehicle replacement.

State Bar of California: Analysis of 1988 Legislation to Increase Member Dues [Publication Details]

Apr 1, 1988 - The first chapter, which describes the expenditures proposed in conjunction with AB 4391, includes expenditures from the bar's General Fund and six special funds. The second chapter, which details the expenditures proposed in support of SB 1498, focuses on the proposed enhancements to the discipline program.

Improving Parolee Substance Use Disorder Treatment Through Medi-Cal

Apr 14, 2021 - CDCR has estimated that out of the total inmate population of about 112, 000 i nmates in 2019 ‑20, 67  p ercent had a substance use disorder and 32  p ercent could potentially benefit from MAT. CDCR ‑Funded Contracts Provide SUDT to Parolees As previously mentioned, people released from prison after serving a term for a serious or violent offense are generally supervised in the

The 2021-22 Budget: Overview of the Governor's Budget

Jan 10, 2021 - The Governor proposes $11.7  million one-time General Fund to trial courts for the implementation of the Tenant, Homeowner, and Small Landlord Relief and Stabilization Act of 2020 (Chapter  37 of 2020 [AB  3088, Chiu]).

The 2016-17 Budget: Governor’s Criminal Justice Proposals

Feb 22, 2016 - Governor’s Proposal The Governor ’s budget proposes $32  million (General Fund) in 2016 –17 and $34  million in 2017 –18 to expand the MCRP. The 2016 –17 appropriation includes $20  million to support existing contracts and $12  million to expand the program.

The 2015-16 Budget: Major Features of the Adopted Plan (Other Issues)

Jun 19, 2015 - Chapter  1, Statutes of 2015 (AB  91, Committee on Budget) —the emergency drought legislation passed in March  2015 —included $660  million (primarily from Proposition  1E) for flood protection projects in urban and rural areas, as well as for grants to local governments for local flood protection activities.

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