July 2018


California State University General Fund Changes

(In Millions)

2017-18 Revised Spending $3,765.4
Unrestricted increase $122.1
Graduation Initiative 75.0
Pension adjustment 22.5
Retiree health benefits adjustment 20.3
Center for California Studiesa 0.2
   Subtotal ($240.1)
One Time  
Enrollment growthb $120.0
Deferred maintenance 35.0
Shark research at the Long Beach campus 3.8
Open educational resourcesc 1.7
Student hunger and basic needs 1.5
Mervyn M. Dymally Institute at the Dominguez Hills campus 1.0
Science and Technology Policy Fellows Program 0.4
Remove one-time funding provided in prior years -46.6
   Subtotal ($116.7)d
     Total $356.8
2018-19 Enacted Spending $4,122.3d
a Reflects $100,000 for the Education Policy Fellowship Program, $86,000 for a cost-of-living adjustment for the Capital Fellows Program, and $24,000 for the Sacramento Semester Program. 
b Intended to fund a cohort of 3,641 full-time equivalent students over a four-year period. 
c Funding authorized pursuant to Chapter 633 of 2015 (AB 798, Bonilla).
d In addition, the budget appropriates $7 million one-time General Fund to the Department of Social Services for provision of legal services to undocumented students and immigrants at CSU campuses.