July 2018


University of California Capital Outlay Projects

(In Thousands)

Campus Project 2018-19   All Years
Phases State Cost   State Cost Total Cost
Systemwide Deferred maintenance C $35,000   $35,000 $35,000
Systemwide Northern Regional Library Facility, phase 4 expansion C,E 30,000   30,000 32,500
San Diego New Ridge Walk Complex C 50,000   50,000 117,409
Davis New Teaching and Learning Complex C 50,000   50,000 66,000
Riverside New Student Success Center P,W,C,E 50,000   50,000 60,225
Santa Cruz New Kresge College academic building W 2,800   50,000 53,000
San Francisco Health Sciences Instruction and Research seismic renovation C 37,000   37,000 47,432
Berkeley Giannini Hall seismic renovation C 35,950   39,200 39,200
San Francisco Health Sciences Instruction and Research life-safety renovation C 10,000   13,000 13,000
Totals     $300,750   $354,200 $463,766
The deferred maintenance shown in this table is supported by UC bonds. In addition, the state is providing $35 million one-time General Fund for pay-as-you-go projects. The combined amounts provide UC $70 million for deferred maintenance projects in 2018-19.
Many projects have previous phases funded by nonstate funds. Of the campus projects shown uin this table, only the last two projects had all previous phases supported with state funding.
P = preliminary plans. W = working drawings. C = construction. E = equipment.