July 2018


Funds Redirected to Support a Portion of 2018-19 Enrollment Growth at UC

(In Thousands)

Redirections From UCOP 
UCOP's administrative budget  
Reduce contingency budget $2,827
Reduce professional services budget 572
Reduce maintenance of Chancellor's House 510
Reduce travel and meetings budget 507
Use savings from unpaid merit awards 500
Eliminate administrative fund for campus chancellors 442
Use savings from Star Award Policy change 300
Reduce outreach and membership activities 200
Reduce administrative fund 90
Other reductions 66
Subtotal ($6,014)
Presidential initiatives   
Reduce Global Food Initiative (80 percent) $1,000
Reduce Carbon Neutrality Initiative (40 percent) 600
Reduce Public Service Law Fellowships (13 percent) 580
Reduce UC-Mexico Initiative (21 percent) 210
Eliminate Smoke and Tobacco Free Fellowships 174
Eliminate Cuba Matching Funds 20
Reduce Presidential Public Service Fellowships (0.6 percent) 1
Increase National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement (130 percent) -565a
Subtotal ($2,019)
Other programs  
Eliminate Health Initiatives of the Americas $310
Eliminate U.S.-Mexico double taxation program 187
Eliminate Graduate Fellows Program 54
Subtotal ($551)
Total UCOP Redirections $8,570
Redirections From Within Campus Budgets 
Growth in Lottery funds $3,000
Smaller COLA to certain programsb  
Agricultural Experimental Stations $1,400
Neuropsychiatric Institutes 456
Scripps Institution of Oceanography 360
Mental Health Teaching Support 189
Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders Institute 52
Subtotal ($2,457)
Eliminate California Program on Access to Care $935
Total Campus Redirections $6,392
Grand Total $14,962c
a UC is reducing spending on the other presidential initiatives by $2.6 million. Of that amount, $2 million will be redirected for enrollment growth and $565,000 will be redirected to augment this presidential initiative.
b Reflects savings from providing programs a 1.25 percent augmentation, rather than a 2.5 percent augmentation the university originally planned to provide.
c In addition to these redirections, the budget provides $5 million General Fund for enrollment growth. The combined $20 million supports growth of 2,000 (1.1 percent) resident undergraduate students in 2018-19.
UCOP = UC Office of the President; COLA = cost-of-living adjustment.