July 2018


Annual Tuition and Fees by Higher Education Segment

Mandatory Charges for Full-Time Resident Students

Change from 2017-18
Amount Percent
Hastings College of the Law     
Enrollment feesa $43,486 $43,486 $43,486
Other fees 732 840 840
University of California     
Undergraduate tuition $11,220 $11,502 $11,442 -$60b -0.5%
Graduate tuition, academic 11,220 11,502 11,442 -60b -0.5
Graduate tuition, professionalb 15,610-53,720 15,912-56,126 15,852-58,298 Variousc Variousc
Student Services Fee 1,074 1,128 1,128
Average campus feed 1,257 1,334 1,401 67 5.0
California State University     
Undergraduate tuition $5,472 $5,742 $5,742
Teacher credential tuition 6,348 6,660 6,660
Graduate tuition, master'se 6,738 7,176 7,176
Graduate tuition, business 12,834 13,656 13,656
Graduate tuition, doctoral 11,118-16,148 11,838-17,196 11,838-17,196 Variousf Variousf
Average campus feed 1,409 1,475 1,475
California Community Colleges     
Enrollment fee $1,380 $1,380 $1,380
Average campus feed 94 92 92

Reflects tuition for juris doctor program.
b The UC Board of Regents have eliminated a $60 tuition surcharge on all students associated with paying off a lawsuit.
c In addition to the $60 reduction available to all students, the UC Board of Regents adopted numerous changes to the various supplemental professional charges in 2018-19. These changes include adopting new supplemental charges for three programs: (1) a management program at Merced ($20,000), (2) an accelerated pharmacy program at San Francisco ($29,468), and (3) a game design program at Santa Cruz ($8,415). The board also eliminated the supplemental charge of a techonology and information management program at Santa Cruz ($23,000).
d As reported in the Governor's budget documents. At the time of budget enactment, UC and CSU campuses had not yet reported all fees in 2018-19. For planning purposes, UC assumed a 5 percent average increase from 2017-18. UC amount reflects average for undergraduate students, with graduate students charged less. CSU charges reflect average for both undergraduate and graduate students. CCC reflects maximum charges for five campus service fees authorized by state law. Not all CCC campuses charge the maximum amount.
e Includes postbaccalaureate programs other than teacher credential programs.
f The CSU Board of Trustees adopted tuition of $14,742 for a new audiology program in 2018-19. Tuition in CSU's three other doctorate programs are not increasing from 2017-18 levels.