July 2018


University of California General Fund Changes

(In Millions)

2017-18 Revised Spending $3,549.4
Unrestricted increase (3 percent) $92.1
Replace one-time Proposition 56 funds with General Fund 10.0
Resident undergraduate enrollment growth (2,000 students)a 5.0
Center for Global Conflict and Cooperation 1.0
Subtotal ($108.1)
One time  
General university needsb $105.0
Primary and emergency care residency slots 40.0
Carryover reappropriated for original purposes 39.5
Deferred maintenance 35.0
UC Berkeley operating deficit 25.0
Psychiatry residency slots 15.0
Jordan's Syndrome research 12.0
Legal services for undocumented and immigrant students and employees 4.0
Valley Fever research 3.0
UC Davis Aggie Square project planning 2.8
Equal employment opportunity activitiesc 2.0
Ralphe J. Bunche Center for African American Studies 1.8
Student hunger and basic needsd 1.5
Anti-bias training 1.2
Mosquito surveillance 0.5
Remove prior-year one-time funding -181.9
Subtotal ($106.3)
Total $214.4
2018-19 Enacted Spending $3,763.8
a Another $15 million is redirected from within UC's budget, for total support of $20 million.
b The budget states legislative intent that the funds be used for enrollment growth and services and programs that improve student outcomes.
c Reflects third consecutive year of one-time funding.
d Reflects second consecutive year of one-time funding.